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Signs of Mold: What to Look For When Buying a Home in Toronto

Posted in Mold, on April 16, 2021

Buying a home is the single largest purchase of our lives, and it can feel fraught with risk — nobody wants to discover mold growth, radon gas or asbestos after they move in. While you may have to wait to begin mold testing in Toronto, keeping the signs of mold growth in mind when visiting open houses and showings can help you spot warning signs and symptoms that may indicate costly problems. 

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5 Tips for A Healthier Home

Posted in Air Quality, on April 08, 2021

Home air quality testing is a service that is growing in popularity as spare bedrooms and basements transition into home offices and workspaces. Whether it’s radon testing, mold testing, or general improvements that you’re looking to make, SafeAir has several tips to help you make your home a healthier place for work and play. 

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Spring is Around the Corner, Have You Gotten an Home Air Quality Test Done?

Posted in Air Quality, on March 22, 2021

Is your home ready for spring? Research has revealed that 96% of homes have at least one common air quality issue, making indoor air quality testing your best tool for making this spring a healthy one. Whether you’re interested in radon testing or simply curious about your home, your living environment can be improved this spring by paying closer attention to the air that you breathe. 

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Why Toronto Is a Hot Spot for Mold and How a Mold Inspection Can Help

Posted in Mold, on March 15, 2021

Thousands of Toronto homeowners have to deal with mold growth every year, which has to lead to mould inspection in Toronto becoming a popular service among your neighbours. Nobody wants to admit they’ve got a mold infestation in their home, but the truth is that there are some things you can prevent and some that you can’t, and it’s often the location or construction of your home that makes mold more likely.

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What is Radon?

Posted in Air Quality, on February 22, 2021

Radon gas is a public health issue that’s been around for decades but is only now being identified through radon testing and inspection. If you’ve never thought about having radon testing done in your home, you’re not alone — while toxic levels of radon gas are found across Canada, testing campaigns have only become common in the last decade. If you’ve never heard of radon or had a home radon test, this article will introduce you to this gas and why you need to test for it. 

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The Air Pollutants That Could Be In Your Home

Posted in Air Quality, on February 08, 2021

In your community, homeowners are booking air quality testing in Toronto and discovering that hidden pollutants, allergens, and chemicals linger in even the cleanest and newest of buildings. Paying close attention to indoor air quality testing results has a big effect on everything from restorative sleep to healthier skin — and good indoor air quality isn’t hard to achieve. 

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Is It Mold Or Mildew

Posted in Mold, on February 05, 2021

A mold inspection in Toronto can help you determine whether you’ve got a mold infestation or just a bit of mildew. While both are types of fungi that are known for thriving in warm and humid areas, mold testing in Toronto can give you definitive answers that can help prevent and treat either from growing. 

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The Most Requested Areas of the Home for Mold Inspection

Posted in Mold, on January 26, 2021

There’s no shame in needing a mold inspection in Toronto - no one is free of mold growth, and it’s a widespread issue that affects homes across the city. Staying on the lookout for the signs and symptoms of mold growth can help alert you to potential problem areas or new infestations - and spotting it early can help save you thousands of dollars (and a big headache) later.

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Radon Symptoms in The Home

Posted in Air Quality, on January 13, 2021

Radon testing is a great way to determine if there is radon in the home. But before that, there are a few things to look for. SafeAir provides home radon tests.

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