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SafeAir Environmental Inc. is an industry-leading air inspection company, providing specialized air inspection and testing for residential and commercial customers. The expert team at SafeAir specializes exclusively in air quality analysis, without up-selling customers additional products or services.  

When it comes to the indoor air environment, SafeAir offers a comprehensive range of services from air quality evaluation, to environmental assessment, to highly specialized mould testing.  For SafeAir, the health and safety of residents and occupants is the primary concern.


Residential or commercial, air quality issues can have serious effects on both health and comfort. In resolving these issues, it’s essential to have a trained, qualified professional investigate, and verify the nature and cause. With years of experience in the GTA, SafeAir uses sophisticated testing equipment to assess a wide range of indoor pollutants and identify their magnitude. The findings are reported in detail and presented with recommendations for suitable remediation. As members of the Indoor Air Quality Association, SafeAir follows recognized industry standards.

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Indoor Air Quality Assessment - Residential

Good air quality in the home is essential for the health and comfort of residents. At the same time, poor air quality will have profoundly negative effects on everyone. Many customers will contact SafeAir because of health issues related to indoor air quality: issues like sinus problems; allergic reactions; even respiratory difficulties. There are also customers who just want to know if their air quality is safe, and if any improvements can be made. Indoor air quality, whether in the home or workplace, can be affected in many ways. It may be a matter of the building design; the heating and cooling system; even factors like water damage or mould infestation. In most every situation, the experts at SafeAir can professionally identify and address the source and cause of an issue. The SafeAir team is highly trained and proficient, using the most advanced tools and technologies on every job.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment - Workplace

Indoor air quality in any workplace environment will affect workers. And in instances where air quality is poor, overall performance can be compromised. Poor quality air makes it difficult for workers to concentrate and to perform repetitive tasks. Worse still, there is extensive downtime and a higher rate of absenteeism, simply because workers are sick. The most important thing is to isolate the source of the problem, and then rectify. Whatever the air quality issue, the specialists at SafeAir can set the stage for a much healthier workplace. From comprehensive assessment, to in-depth testing, to possible resolutions, SafeAir offers cost effective services designed to improve indoor air quality, while reducing absenteeism, and increasing worker productivity. Bottom line, the cost of effectively resolving the issues is far out-weighed by the long-term benefits to productivity.


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