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Why Start The New Year with Air Quality Testing in Toronto

Posted in Air Quality, on February 16, 2024

There’s a reason we use the idioms “fresh start” or “wipe the slate clean” when it comes to events like the new year — cleanliness is very much associated with change and improvement! When it comes to your indoor environment, booking air quality testing in Toronto with SafeAir is one way to bring a fresh start to your new year. Our home environments can be repositories for harmful allergens, chemicals, and pollutants that affect our everyday health. SafeAir offers specific tests, like mold inspection in Toronto, as well as generalized environmental assessments to help answer questions and make small changes with substantial effects. 

Health Risks of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Why Start The New Year with Air Quality Testing in TorontoWe can check the news to learn about smog days and air quality indexes, but understanding our home environment is a lot harder. Without air quality testing, most people will never know when a problem is affecting their home’s air quality — but they will feel it.  

The effects of poor air quality are primarily felt through the respiratory system since it’s our body's first system to be affected by airborne pollution. Mucous membranes like the eyes and nose will feel changes, too; many of SafeAir’s clients report sneezing, congestion, coughing, and itchy eyes before air testing. But by no means are the effects limited to our airways — skin, hair, sleep, concentration, and other cognitive processes can be affected by pollution, leading to a whole list of complications and health effects. 

At SafeAir, we suggest families with elders or young children pay particular attention — they are often at risk of a more significant effect, and early exposure to some allergens may have long-term effects. 

Importance of Air Quality Testing in Toronto

The only way to know what affects your home’s unique ecosystem is to have an air quality test. SafeAir offers several types of testing and inspection services to suit your needs and budget. 

One of our most popular services is mold inspection in Toronto, which looks for mold growth or risk factors that lead to this pervasive problem. Mold has a unique effect on air quality through spores, tiny “seeds” that help spread the infestation, and it is often easily detected by homeowners through sight or smell.

Some other popular services we do in Toronto include:

  • Radon testing.
  • Asbestos testing.
  • Commercial air quality testing.
  • Airflow and ventilation assessments. 

The Benefits of Air Quality Testing

  • Balanced humidity. 
  • Better sleep. 
  • Fewer sick days. 
  • Fresher smelling home. 
  • Better indoor temperature control. 
  • Healthier HVAC system. 
  • Improved environment. 

Air Quality Regulations in Toronto

Residential indoor air quality guidelines are available from the municipal and federal government to provide a baseline of what’s acceptable or dangerous in our indoor environments. If you’re a landlord, you have a legal obligation to provide your tenants with safe indoor air quality; the same is true for our workplaces. At home, these decisions are up to us, and at SafeAir, we think there’s no better time than the present to begin improving your indoor environment with air quality testing in Toronto. Let our team help you improve your home through our science-based testing!

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