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Opening Windows and Better Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on June 13, 2016

Many people worry about the air quality in their homes. Air quality test can be an inexpensive option for both home owners and tenants. The investment is certainly worth it when you are experiencing health issues while at home. We spend more than 90% of our time indoors, much more than in the past. While you are considering doing an air quality test in your home or apartment opening the windows on a regular basis can help improve the air quality.

Can Opening the Windows Your Improve Your Home's Indoor Air Quality?

Ten minutes in the morning and evening can improve the air quality by ventilating your home. In warmer weather opening the windows for long periods of time can do wonders. Indoor air, or the air in your home, can be 10 times more polluted than the air outside in large cities. We use many products with VOC’s or other chemicals that can remain in your home. Another option to improve general air quality is to buy products that are chemical free. This may include laundry detergents, cleaning products, and dishwashing solutions. There are many options that are easily purchased from your local grocery or superstore. You should also stay away from using air fresheners, a clean and healthy home should have no odours at all. Opening your windows will allow these scents and chemicals to dissipate from your air. Newer homes can definitely benefit from opening windows and better air quality. In many cases, these homes have more air quality issues than older homes. New homes are built extremely tight and have ventilation issues causing many air quality issues. This can also cause condensation issues that can lead to mold problems.

Mould issues can cause a number of health issues, worse in elderly or young children as their immune system may not be as strong has healthy adults. Children that grow up in an unhealthy home are much more susceptible to asthma, the World Health Organization reports they are five to ten more times more likely than living in a safe and healthy environment. People with Lyme disease are encouraged by their physicians to check for mycotoxins that can come from a mold issue. The treatments they are given have a harder time fighting the disease when they are breathing these in. Poor air quality can actually impede their treatment. Opening windows can certainly help, however, you should invest in a proper air quality test.

Home Air Quality Testing with SafeAir

An air quality test within a certified professional can get to the root of your problem. You should check for chemicals, gases, dust and particulate levels as well as proper airflow and ventilation. Mould can also be a problem, airborne mold samples can ascertain the extent of your problem. At SafeAir, we have over seventeen years of experience finding out the issues with your air quality. We use calibrated instruments as well as a certified and independent laboratory for mold issues. As an independent consulting firm we do not sell products or do mold remediation. There are many companies that do both and it is a conflict of interest. Our clients usually contact us because they fell sick when in their home. Ensuring that you and your family are living in a home with good air quality can improve your quality of life! Call us today....your health is worth it!

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