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What We See In Condo’s

Posted in Air Quality, on December 07, 2015 By Admin

We do a lot of air quality tests and mold inspections in condominium apartments throughout the GTA. We inspect new condo’s and old condo’s. We do mold inspections in large condo’s and small condo’s, clean condo’s....and not so clean condo’s. We get calls to do air

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5 Changes You Can Make To Improve Productivity At Your Office

Posted in Air Quality, on November 20, 2015 By Admin

Are your employees showing signs of sluggishness or decreased productivity? Perhaps you should make these vital changes. On average, employees spend approximately five hours at their desks daily and companies pay for that time. However, the outcomes of an employee's work vs. time spent don't

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How Mold Affects The Air We Breathe

Posted in Air Quality, on November 10, 2015 By Admin

You're probably aware that mold affects the air you breathe, but do you know how this happens? Perhaps it's time you did. Mold is a term for numerous kinds of unwanted fungi that exist outdoors and indoors. Microorganisms such as fungi help in the breakdown of dead material, making them an

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5 Great Plant Options For Your Office

Posted in Air Quality, on October 30, 2015 By Admin

Are you aware that having plants at the workplace can help improve air quality? Perhaps you should consider these options. Pollution can frequently be greater inside an office than outdoors because air conditioners draw air in from outdoors, but don't filter pollutants. The air then circulates

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The Top 3 Causes of Poor Air Quality At Offices

Posted in Air Quality, on October 26, 2015 By Admin

How clean is the air at your workplace? Are you aware of the potential sources of air pollution? Indoor air quality (IAQ) at the workplace is the topic of considerable attention nowadays, and for good reason. The air quality indoors can affect the comfort, productivity and health of building

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The Air You Breathe Could Be Affecting Your Quality Of Sleep

Posted in Air Quality, on October 23, 2015 By Admin

Do you constantly wake up feeling tired or are you experiencing chronic stuffiness? Perhaps you need to improve your indoor air quality. When you sleep, your body typically recharges itself, rejuvenates its senses, and restores its energy in preparation for another day. However, frequent sleep

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Sources of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

Posted in Air Quality, on October 06, 2015 By Admin

Are you suspecting that carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide might be contaminating your home? Perhaps it's time you considered these possible sources and took the necessary steps to decrease pollution. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) are colorless and odorless gases that affect air

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Common Bacteria Found In The Air In And Around Your Home

Posted in Air Quality, on September 24, 2015 By Admin

Are you aware that you share your living space with bacteria? Discover the kinds that exist in your home. Bacterial organisms are virtually everywhere, from your home to workplace and even in the air you inhale. Few people know that numerous bacteria not only coexist with us constantly, but could

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Common Gases In The Air That Could Be Harmful

Posted in Air Quality, on September 04, 2015 By Admin

Are you aware that certain gases are potentially harmful to your health? Discover whether they might be the cause of your symptoms. A major part of our health originates from how clean the air we inhale is. You'll realize that carcinogens and fumes from factories and harmful gases are around us,

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