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Mold Inspection & Testing

SafeAir's certified mold inspectors assessing mold growth in Toronto homeMold is a health hazard that is appearing in homes across Southern Ontario. A mold inspection or mold testing can help determine what sort of problems your home or office faces, and help you return to a healthier, safer indoor air quality. While many people believe that mold growth is a warm-weather problem, the truth is that mold can grow at any time of year - the symptoms of a mold allergy are so similar to common problems like the cold, flu, and hay fever that it can be difficult to see where the true problem lies. 

Where Can Mold Grow Indoors?

Mold can be found growing in many places indoors, but there are a few places that it prefers. When we do mold testing in Toronto, we often focus on three different areas of the home: 

What Happens During a Mold Inspection?

Mold testing can help determine if your symptoms are caused by mold growth and help us effectively - and permanently - eliminate it. During a mold inspection at SafeAir, we follow a number of steps to thoroughly determine the depth and breadth of any mold related problems. First, we usually start with both an exterior and interior examination to look for signs or symptoms of mold growth. We then often take air samples from affected or suspected rooms, which can help us pinpoint where a problem lies and how severe it is. 

Signs of Mold Growth in the Home

Mold growth in Toronto homeKeeping your eyes peeled for the signs of mold growth in your home can help you get ahead of mold problems before they require costly remediation or affect you and your family’s health. Some of the most common signs of mold growth include: 

Call SafeAir for a Mold Inspection

At SafeAir, we do mold testing and indoor air quality testing to help you determine how to improve your indoor air quality. As specialists in indoor air quality, we have a deep understanding of how mold spores and other indoor air pollutants can negatively affect the health and wellbeing of your family. Let us help you make positive improvements to your indoor air quality this year - request a free consultation or give us a call at 416-414-5690

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