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Did You Have Frozen Pipes in February 2015?

Posted in Mold, on February 20, 2015 By Admin

Last weeks cold snap caused thousands of homes in the GTA to have frozen water pipes. Some pipes remain frozen today. Frozen water supply lines in a house is caused by water pipes freezing in poorly or non insulated wall, floor or ceiling cavities.

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It's Fall and the Windows are Being Shut. Why Does My Home Now Have an Odour?

Posted in Weather, on January 22, 2014 By Admin

When fall arrives and winter is just around the corner, many of us close the windows for good to keep the cold out. This may be good for energy conservation but can be not so good for indoor air quality. If your home has adequate ventilation and is not overly sealed then closing the windows should not affect the indoor air quality.

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Mold In The Workplace

Posted in Mold, on January 03, 2014 By Admin

Mold in the workplace is a growing concern for Canadian employees and employers, and as awareness of the bad health effects of mold grows, so too does indoor air quality testing and mold removal and remediation. How do you know if there is mold at work?

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