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3 Reasons Why Radon Testing is Essential for Your Home

Posted in Radon Testing, on February 21, 2024

At the hardware store, you’ll find home air quality kits that test for carbon monoxide, the commonly known colourless, odourless, and invisible gas that affects our home environment. But when we mention radon testing, many folks look at us like we’re talking gibberish. In this article, the SafeAir team will give three good reasons to learn about radon gas and its effect on your home and health. Radon gas affects thousands of Canadians a year and is a hidden air quality danger that is easy and simple to diagnose.  

Reason 1: Radon is a health hazard

3 Reasons Why Radon Testing is Essential for Your HomeThe most important reason to test your home for radon gas is its long-term effect on human health. Even though you can’t smell or see it, radon gas is the second-most leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking. 

Radon is a radioactive gas; like all radioactive particles, it begins to decay after some time. The danger to human health comes when we breathe in these particles, and this decay happens in our respiratory system. Damage and inflammation as the radon decays injures lung tissues and, over time, causes cellular changes that lead to cancer and other chronic respiratory illnesses. 

Reason 2: Radon is common in many areas

So, what is radon gas? Radon is a gas created when uranium decays. Uranium is found deep in the earth’s surface all across Canada and may be more prevalent in some areas because of the topography or mineral makeup. 

Radon gas often builds up in homes because the negative pressure created by sub-grade levels like the basement draws it into our homes where it can’t escape.

Reason 3: Radon is often undetectable without testing

While you may live in a high-risk area, your home's unique factors make it impossible to tell whether you’re at risk of exposure without radon testing. Unlike mold growth, which the SafeAir team can often identify by scent alone, radon has no smell. There are no marks, streaks or stains either; radon tests are the only way to know if your home is affected. 

The Importance of Professional Radon Testing

SafeAir offers professional radon testing in Toronto and the GTA to help families determine their exposure and make positive changes if they test above Health Canada’s safety guideline of 200 becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m³). 

The best radon test is a long-term test, which helps even out spikes caused by weather, temperature changes, and the seasons. Our radon testing is non-invasive, and installation is quick and painless: our team’s initial visit installs a hidden device in your lower level, and we follow up in 3-6 months to remove it and send it for analysis. A third-party lab returns your results, and then we help you understand them and your options if mitigation is necessary. 

Your health, radon’s frequency across the province, and its invisible nature make radon gas a critical aspect of long-term health and wellness for you and your family. Not all home air quality testing looks for radon gas, so if you’re interested in testing for this, ask the SafeAir team about it today!

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