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How a Mold Inspection Can Lead to Enhanced Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on January 16, 2024

One of the quickest-growing areas of home improvement is air quality — especially regarding the positive effects of mold inspection in Toronto. The SafeAir team fields dozens of calls from concerned homeowners and parents a week asking about how mold growth affects indoor air quality. People have a right to be concerned — exposure to mold growth can cause a host of inconveniences and subtle health issues that severely impact daily life. It’s these negative effects that a mold inspection with SafeAir can help identify and eliminate. 

Understanding Mold

How a Mold Inspection Can Lead to Enhanced Air QualityMold can be a stain on the wall, a fuzz on last week’s forgotten sandwich, or our favourite cheese. But regarding our home’s health and safety, the stain on the wall is the thing that concerns SafeAir the most. 

Mold is a fungus, and while it has positive functions (see cheese!), its primary role in the environment is to break down organic material. The organic material in our home tends to be joists, flooring, walls, and insulation, necessary parts of our home’s health and safety. Mold eats away at these parts (and others) of a house, weakening and permanently damaging them, as well as causing indoor air quality changes. 

The Importance of Mold Inspection

The most significant effect mold has on indoor air quality is through spores. Spores are like seeds: a mold colony makes them to reproduce and expand. Spores are microscopic, very lightweight, and spread through the air, making it very easy to breathe them in. 

During a SafeAir mold inspection, we do several things, including testing your indoor air quality for mold spores. Visual inspection of your exterior and interior spaces often leads to warning signs or visible mold growth, but it’s common for mold to grow hidden behind walls, underneath carpeting, or in hard-to-reach areas, like the attic. Mold inspection discovers these hidden infestations, allowing you to eliminate mold and remediate your home safely. 

Mold Remediation

The next step is remediation if your home tests positive for mold growth. At SafeAir, we advise our clients to work with a professional to eliminate household mold growth. In our experience, DIY or handyman-lead mold removal almost always leads to increased mold problems and further damage and stress. 

The Benefits of Mold Inspection and Remediation

Professional mold remediation in Toronto has two significant effects: it prevents ongoing damage to your home’s structure and safety, and it eliminates indoor air quality problems caused by exposure to mold spores. 

The health effects caused by mold growth include: 

  • Itchy, watery eyes. 
  • Coughing or wheezing. 
  • Headaches. 
  • Dermatitis. 
  • Nasal congestion. 

Often mimicking the common cold or flu, mold allergies can affect even the healthiest people, disrupting your routine and making life very uncomfortable. The most compelling evidence for mold inspection is often the quick change effected by leaving a room with mold growth — many people report debilitating symptoms that simply me

At SafeAir, our mission is to help people live safer, healthier lives through mold inspection in Toronto. Improving air quality, an aspect of home life that many of us ignore has small but meaningful effects that enhance all parts of daily life, from sleep to skin to respiratory health. Reach out to the SafeAir team to learn more, or book your indoor air quality assessment today. 

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