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What You Need to Know to Keep Your Home Safe From Radon

Posted in Radon Testing, on January 22, 2024

Radon testing is something that, like electrical work, is best performed by a professional for safe and effective results. At SafeAir, we’ve been testing radon in Toronto for over a decade, following the latest advances in procedures and tools as set out by industry standards and regulations.

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How a Mold Inspection Can Lead to Enhanced Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on January 16, 2024

At SafeAir, our mission is to help people live safer, healthier lives through mold inspection in Toronto. Improving air quality, an aspect of home life that many of us ignore has small but meaningful effects that enhance all parts of daily life, from sleep to skin to respiratory health.

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What Types of Home Have the Most Radon

Posted in Radon Testing, on December 29, 2023

Regardless of whether or not you live in a high-risk area, homes can still have radon issues when there is poor ventilation. Good airflow helps to move radon gas out of the home so it can harmlessly dissipate in the environment. The problem is that basements, where radon most frequently collects, tend to need better ventilation to begin with! 

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