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Is Winter-Related Damage Causing Poor Home Air Quality?

Posted in Air Quality, on January 05, 2024

Is Winter-Related Damage Causing Poor Home Air Quality?Spending the winter months cozy and warm indoors may protect you from frostbite, but many folks don’t realize they’re also being exposed to elevated levels of allergens and toxins. Through year-round home air quality testing, the SafeAir team has found that the winter can often be the worst for air quality at home. Damage caused by weather events, temperature changes, as well as ongoing moisture issues that necessitate mold inspection in Toronto can concentrate and increase the effects of pollutants indoors. Here are some of the most common winter-related problems our team comes across. 

Common Winter-Related Home Damage

The winter is a challenging season for our homes— freezing temperatures, constant moisture, and storms can cause all sorts of exterior damage that has interior effects. Some of the common types of winter-related home damage include:

  • Ice dams on the roof. These often form because the attic is too warm and can cause damage to shingles, eaves, and soffits, further exacerbating attic issues. 
  • Roof leaks caused by high wind, ice, and snowmelt can introduce water in the attic or through the walls. 
  • Window condensation happens when your heated interior air meets the cold outdoor temperature. Like a cold glass of water during the summer, this condensation can drip and introduce water where it’s not welcome. 
  • Snow blocking air intake or exhaust vents. 

The Effect of Winter-Related Home Damage on Air Quality

These forms of damage may appear mild or even look quite pretty in the case of icicles! But the effect that they can have on your indoor air quality can be wide-ranging. 

For example — roof leaks, which are notoriously difficult to spot, can lead to high humidity or moisture in the attic. This moisture can then lead to mold growth, which can degrade insulation and cause heating bills to rise. Mold growth also causes health problems like respiratory issues, headaches, fatigue and brain fog — and it can quickly spread beyond the attic. 

Quickly identifying mold problems through mold inspection in Toronto can help stop the spread and save you from expensive insulation replacement. 

The Importance of Addressing Winter-Related Home Damage

It’s tempting to wait until spring to repair damage or problems caused by winter storms or events, especially when the mercury is below zero. At SafeAir, we always counsel our clients to take prompt action when they identify a new or emergent problem. Quickly dealing with a roof leak or condensation problems has a threefold effect:

  1. It contains damage or issues while they're still minor and easily solved. 
  2. It prevents health trouble caused by mold spores or indoor air quality issues. 
  3. It eliminates the need for costly repairs and knock-on effects. 

Work with Professionals To Make Air Quality Improvements

At SafeAir, we’ve been helping Toronto homeowners improve their indoor air quality for over a decade. Whether you live in a detached home, duplex or condominium, healthy air quality is good for everyone, and each home faces unique challenges in the winter. Whether you need help with the attic, increasing ventilation, or reducing humidity, our home air quality testing services can help you identify areas needing improvement. Call or email SafeAir to learn more today! 

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