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Unexpected Places A Mold Inspection Might Reveal Mold

Posted in Mold, on June 20, 2022

Most of us look for mold in the obvious places: the bathroom, attic, or basement. But the rooms that test positive during a mold inspection in Toronto might surprise you! At SafeAir, we’ve seen mold growing in every room of the house, and helped countless families discover hidden mold growth during mold testing in Toronto. So what are the top unexpected places for mold growth, and why does it happen? 

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Why is a Mold Inspection in Toronto so Important

Posted in Mold, on May 17, 2022

Mold inspection in Toronto is a proactive and reliable service that SafeAir has offered for over a decade. Everyday household activities can raise the risk of mold growth in your home, creating an unsafe living environment. Mold testing in Toronto can reveal the subtle clues or risk factors related to indoor mold growth and let you get ahead of the curve. 

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Why Air Quality Testing For Mold is Not Enough

Posted in Mold, on May 06, 2022

SafeAir’s air quality testing services can help you clean up your indoor environment and uncover hidden problems - like mold growth - in your home. A clean and fresh indoor environment is the first step to having a healthy lifestyle.

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Causes of Frequent Mold Growth in Toronto Homes

Posted in Mold, on April 01, 2022

While mold spores are everywhere, the indoor environment concentrates and amplifies their effects, making mold especially hazardous to our health. Mold inspection in Toronto is the best way to test for mold indoors because it can find hidden mold infestations and identify the causes of future infestations. At SafeAir, we’ve been helping families eliminate household mold growth in Toronto for over a decade. Here are some of the most common causes of mold growth in GTA area homes. 

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What Does Mold Smell Like and How Do I Detect it in Toronto?

Posted in Mold, on March 18, 2022

One of the first signs of indoor mold growth is the smell. Mold’s recognizable, musty odour is the most common trigger for mold inspection in Toronto. At SafeAir, we’ve walked into countless homes, attics, and basements and had our noses alert us to mold before we’ve even pulled out the tools for mold testing in Toronto. But the smell isn’t the only warning sign you might experience, and it’s not always present. Today, we’ll explain what mold smells like and why early detection is the key to a safe and healthy home. 

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The Connection Between Indoor Air Quality and Mold

Posted in Mold, on February 15, 2022

Mold spores are one of the most frequently detected particles during home air quality testing in Toronto, which makes mold’s effect not only limited only to the visual and physical damage on your home, but to your respiratory and bodily health as well. SafeAir’s comprehensive indoor air quality inspection services detect mold and other common indoor allergens so that you’re not left guessing

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11 Most Common Places to Inspect for Mold in Toronto

Posted in Mold, on January 17, 2022

​​​​​​​In big cities like Toronto, mold is an issue that affects homes of all types. Mold inspection in Toronto with SafeAir can help you discover hidden colonies and safeguard against future infestations. Mold will grow in any room of your home, but there are specific areas that are at greater risk.This article will share the top 11 rooms that return positive results during mold testing in Toronto. 

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6 Ways to Find Mold in Your Home

Posted in Mold, on December 09, 2021

While the easiest way to tell if you have indoor mold is to see it, this isn’t always possible. SafeAir’s mold inspection in Toronto services can help you root out hidden mold infestations and problems lurking behind walls or in the attic. Mold testing in Toronto is the only safe and effective way to take an in-depth look at the secret life in your home — problems that could cost you thousands of dollars and health issues if left uncovered. 

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Why You Need a Mold Inspection This Winter

Posted in Mold, on November 17, 2021

Just because winter is on our doorstep, it doesn’t mean we can forget about mold growth. You may be surprised to learn it’s an excellent time of year for mold inspection in Toronto because the colder temperatures can retard mold growth and lessen the problems that cause it. SafeAir’s services, such as air quality and mold testing in Toronto,  are part of a proactive plan that prevents today’s minor issues from blossoming into more significant problems in the future.

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Tips to Minimize your Risk of Mold After a Lockdown

Posted in Mold, on October 15, 2021

After the lockdowns caused by covid-19, many office buildings and commercial spaces remained closed and empty for months. Even though there was little human life in many of these spaces, fungal life was still around, and the result is that mold inspection in Toronto is on the mind of many managers, health and safety committees, and employees. SafeAir recommends adding mold testing in Toronto to your clean-up regimen to ensure you’re ready to welcome clients and workers to a safe and mold-free environment. 

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