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What to Expect During a Home Air Quality Test in Toronto

Posted in Air Quality, on March 11, 2024

Just like city air differs from country air, the air in our homes has a measurable quality, safety, scent, and more. At SafeAir, we help you measure this using air quality testing in Toronto, a process that incorporates several tests and tools that look at variables such as humidity, mold spores, and VOCs. Home air quality testing can alert you to issues affecting your health, respiratory system, risk of mold growth, and other problems that cause discomfort and safety risks. Many of the changes we recommend are small and inexpensive but offer great improvements. 

Why Test Your Indoor Air Environment

What to Expect During a Home Air Quality Test in TorontoMany skeptical folks might wonder when your home’s air quality needs testing or monitoring — if it doesn’t smell, there isn’t any problem, right? Unlike when a lightbulb burns out or the power goes out, there generally aren’t any recognizable signs, smells, or visual evidence of indoor air quality issues. Some, like mold growth, may be visible, while others, like radon gas, have no sight, smell, or feel. Having home air quality testing, therefore, is an excellent, science-led way to objectively measure and quantify the pros and cons of your home air environment. 

Common Air Quality Problems in Toronto

Every home has a unique atmosphere. No two houses on the same block will have the same issues or challenges, which is why we always recommend testing, regardless of what your neighbour may have learned about their own home. 

However, in Toronto, several common air quality issues crop up in neighbourhoods or regions that can be traced back to how homes were constructed or environmental features. For example, homes situated in low-lying areas may be prone to flooding, and basement mold growth might be an issue because of this. In another area of Toronto, older homes built before lead paint and asbestos were banned may pose health risks as they age and paints and finishes chip or are demolished during renovations. 

How SafeAir Tests Your Home

At SafeAir, we approach every environmental assessment similarly. We usually do both an interior and exterior inspection to help unravel connections or reveal problem areas. We have an arsenal of testing protocols available to us: we can take air samples and physical samples and use an array of testing equipment to measure temperature, humidity, airflow and more. 

Many problems, like radon gas, involve long-term testing, during which an inconspicuous device is placed in your home to take passive readings over several months. Regardless of the type of testing, all of our results are measured and processed by a third-party laboratory to ensure quality and accuracy and provide impartial results. Whatever we find, we’ll help you understand what it means, how it might be affecting you and your home, and what you can do to prevent or eliminate it. 

Test Your Home With SafeAir

Air quality testing in Toronto can happen all year round and has a hugely positive effect on sleep, skin conditions, respiratory issues, and more. Contact us today to speak with SafeAir about booking a test for your home. 

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