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Indoor Air Quality Testing and Liability

To fully understand the state of your environment, an indoor air quality test is vital. Because we mostly live and work indoors, the air we take in is crucial. In addition, most of the pollutants in our homes or at work cannot be seen and they do not always give off a smell. Adequate indoor air quality should not be mistaken for hygeine or cleanliness. A home or office that looks completely clean can have a variety of air quality issues that are difficult to rectify if they are not identified properly.

You should consider an air quality test if you are having:

If you are experiencing any of these, you must consider ordering an air assessment. Poor indoor air quality could be the reason for all of these issues.

Our indoor air quality assessment service provides you with a detailed comprehensive written report on the findings of our tests and detailed recommendations on how you can improve the indoor air quality of your home or office. We pride ourselves on having the most extensive and up to date instrumentation and have been informed by countless clients and colleagues in the industry that we use more equipment and instrumentation than our competitors.  Better equipment as well as extensive experience and industry certification provides better and more valuable air quality assessments.

Workplace Liability

Criminal Code changes have been made and listed in Bill C-45. These amendments to the Health and Safety Negligence bill were made on March 31st, 2004. Overall, it presents substantial new responsibilities, more chance of investigation, arrest and the potential of corporations being held liable for crimes within the workplace.

To summarize, being held liable for not providing a safe place to work in is possible for any employer. Inadequate workplace air quality which puts employees in danger, can lead to a prosecution (both criminal or civil).

If an employer (individual and/or organization) cannot provide a workplace that is safe to breathe in, he or she can be investigated and tried under Bill C-45. Criminal charges can be laid as well.

If employers don’t follow proper protocol and investigate air quality complaints from employees, this is called negligence and the employer will be held liable.

Deciding to not investigate complaints made by employees about poor air quality is now considered to be 'negligence' and will show the employer to be liable.

Provide your employees with a safe place to work by using our air quality services. Having tests or assessments performed regularly will get rid of the possibility of being investigated under the bill and being found negligent. Always listen to your employees and put their health first.

To find out more about Bill C-45, please click here:

Book Your Indoor Air Quality Assessment And The Path To A Healthier Indoor Environment.


We provide a variety of inspection services ranging from inspections and air quality testing to full environmental assessments.  

Please note that all environmental assessments are on a per case basis.  Not all of the above parameters may be tested for and pricing may change.


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