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Indoor Air Quality Testing in Oakville

SafeAir is an air inspection company offering a variety of air-testing services in Oakville and throughout the suburban areas of Halton Region. Your health is our primary concern, and we do not try to sell you related services or products - our only focus is on air quality testing. And when it comes to indoor air environments, SafeAir doesn’t just identify a problem - we also provide solutions!  Our services include complete air quality testing; indoor environmental assessments; mould testing and analysis; and a variety of more sophisticated tests.  We service residential homes, offices and industrial buildings. 

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality in Oakville

Poor air quality, at home or at work, could be the result of many things: poor air circulation and ventilation; higher than normal humidity levels; over abundance of dust and particulates; combustible gases or sewer gases; even traditional mould growth.  The resulting poor air quality can cause a myriad of symptoms – sometimes only minor discomfort, and sometimes more profound side effects.  In fact, it’s common for productivity and efficiency of workers to suffer, as the workspace is enveloped in unhealthy air.

In assessing indoor air quality in Oakville, SafeAir makes use of the latest air quality testing techniques, instruments and equipment.  We fully evaluate the composition of pollutants, we identify the location and source, and we then measure the levels.  Finally, we present our findings in a detailed report.  This is a comprehensive air quality testing procedure that will show you what you are breathing in, and where it’s coming from.

Canada’s federal oversight agency, Health Canada, has noted that indoor air quality in Oakville or another industrialized city can be 6-10 times more contaminated than the air outside. Unfortunately, we only experience the negative side effects of indoor air quality in Oakville after lengthy periods of contact. At SafeAir, our systematic air quality testing identifies the nature, the source and the cause of a particular problem.

What are the Four Most Dangerous Indoor Air Pollutants?

When it comes to indoor air quality standards in Ontario, there is a growing body of professional research providing companies like SafeAir with measurable standards to guide our assessments. According to the American Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air quality, and lists the four most dangerous pollutants found inside our homes as:

  • Cigarette smoke: We already know that there is no risk-free level of exposure when it comes to cigarette smoke - which is why taking it outside and away from others, especially children or elders, is an important part of good indoor air quality health.
  • Formaldehyde: This common chemical is a colourless and odourless gas used in many household building materials and products - and is, incidentally, also a by-product of smoking. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and is extremely hazardous to the human body.
  • Radon gas: Produced deep underground by the breakdown of uranium, radon gas can collect in homes, especially in the basement. Like formaldehyde, it has no scent and can be difficult to detect, but, after smoking, is the leading cause of lung cancer.
  • Fine and ultrafine particles: These kind of particles make their way into our homes in a number of ways: from car or truck traffic, factories, combustion, printer toner, and even some types of vacuum cleaners! These particles get lodged in our eyes, nose, throat, and mucous membranes, and can cause long-term health effects.

What are the Symptoms of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Many of our clients contact us after experiencing the negative side effects of poor air quality. These side effects may include various allergic reactions; sinus/respiratory issues; headaches and dizziness; and general physical pain. For these clients, poor air quality already exists, and the need for assessment and remediation is urgent. As it turns out, we also have clients who just want to ensure that the air quality in their home is safe and non-toxic – it’s a very good reason for air quality testing.

How can I Improve Indoor Air Quality in Oakville?

The news about your indoor air isn’t all bad - indoor air quality testing can help you determine where your home needs improvement, and many changes are quick and easy to do. Here are our top five easiest ways how to improve indoor air quality in your home:

  • Make your home smoke free.
  • Change your furnace filters every 3-5 months - they collect dust and particles that cause allergies.
  • Improve your ventilation - fresh air can help eliminate many indoor air quality problems.
  • Reduce your humidity - keeping it around 30-50% helps keep allergies under control and prevents mold growth.
  • Use scent-free products - scents are created by Volatile Organic Compounds, many of which also cause irritation.

How do you Test Indoor Air Quality?

If you have any questions about your indoor air quality health or safety, it’s a great idea to have a professional indoor air quality specialist test your home. The professional approach can save you a lot of time and money - at SafeAir, we have an array of finely tuned instruments, techniques, and equipment that we use to evaluate and take samples of the indoor air throughout your home. These samples are tested by a third party lab and are presented in a detailed report that will help us pinpoint the source and location of any indoor air quality problems. This test helps you to fully understand what’s happening in your home and helps us to work with you to find solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Why Choose SafeAir For Indoor Air Quality Testing?

With over a decade of experience in the indoor air quality industry, SafeAir has been working towards making homes in Oakville and Halton region safe from indoor air pollutants like mold, asbestos, allergens, and radon for years. We spend some 90% of our time indoors, so the quality of air we breathe should be a priority. And since most indoor pollutants are invisible and odorless, proper identification of those pollutants is essential. Only with a professional assessment, and a thorough review of the findings, can there be suitable rectification of an air quality issue. At SafeAir, we’ll provide the professional approach that’s required, the hi-tech tools and equipment, and the qualified team of experienced experts.

We take pride in our focus on indoor air quality - this exclusivity gives us a depth of knowledge that puts us ahead of the pack. Our commitment to professional indoor air quality standards is reflected in not only in the quality of our workmanship, but in our memberships with industry organizations like the Indoor Air Quality Association. 

In Oakville and in suburban areas of Halton Region, SafeAir provides the reputable air quality testing needed for a precise and accurate assessment, with findings that are summarized in a detailed report, and with recommendations for solving the problem. Your safety and long term health is the primary goal of SafeAir’s residential and commercial work, and we’d be happy to tell you more about how our indoor air testing might be able to help you. Please give us a call at 416-414-5690 or contact us online for more information on how we can help you make your home a safer and healthier place to be.


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