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Contaminants That Deteriorate Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on April 17, 2023

Because we spend so much time indoors, home air quality greatly affects our day-to-day health and wellness. At SafeAir, we help families optimize their indoor environment with air quality testing in Toronto. These safe and non-invasive tests help identify contaminants and other issues with your indoor air environment — with that knowledge, we can help you devise a plan to eliminate or reduce your risk and any health effects.

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Why Spring is a Good Time for Mold Testing in Toronto

Posted in Mold, on March 23, 2023

The relief many of us feel when spring arrives is tempered only by the discomfort caused by seasonal allergies. While many of us think it’s pollen causing itching eyes, running noses, and congestion, there may be more than one answer — which is where home air quality testing can help.

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How Airflow Affects Mold

Posted in Mold, on March 20, 2023

Mold is surprisingly common in homes and workplaces, which is why many families and businesses are choosing to do mold inspections in Toronto this spring. An environmental assessment not only helps detect whether mold spores are present, but it also reveals many underlying issues that cause mold growth. At SafeAir, we've noticed that one common issue appears in every property affected by mold: airflow problems.

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Is Well Water Causing an Indoor Air Quality Risk

Posted in Radon Testing, on March 14, 2023

Radon detection for your home or country property is one of the best things you can do to improve indoor air quality and long-term health and safety. While you might know about some of the common radon gas risk factors, like foundation cracks, location, or piping, the SafeAir team wants you to consider radon testing if your home uses well water.

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Find the Source of Illness with Air Quality Testing

Posted in Air Quality, on February 27, 2023

Many folks equate nasty smells with poor air quality — and it’s true that smell is one indication that something’s not quite right. But you might be surprised by what home air quality testing reveals. At SafeAir, many of the most common services we offer, like mold testing in Toronto, have few, if any, scent, visual or audible effects.

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What to Do When Mold is Found on Your Property

Posted in Mold, on February 13, 2023

Mold inspection in Toronto helps prevent these nasty surprises and is a safe and reliable way to test for mold growth indoors. SafeAir has been helping families by leading environmental assessments in Toronto for over a decade, identifying active mold colonies and areas at risk of infestation.

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How Does Radon Effect Your Health

Posted in Radon Testing, on February 08, 2023

The effects of chemical pollution are well-known and understood. Still, radon gas and specialized radon testing are becoming more common as the dangers of this invisible and odourless gas become better known. At SafeAir, we’ve been helping folks in the GTA and beyond improve their indoor air quality with science-based testing for over a decade.

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3 Key Home Air Quality Mistakes To Avoid

Posted in Air Quality, on January 23, 2023

Many people make expensive changes to their homes to solve indoor comfort problems when a quick and painless home air quality test would help bring to light many common issues that affect comfort, safety, and health.

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