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When Should Indoor Air Quality Testing Be Scheduled

Posted in Air Quality, on September 06, 2021

Most of us don’t know good indoor air quality from bad, so it can be challenging to know when to schedule indoor air quality testing. In Ontario, the average person spends 90% of their time indoors, which means that the effect of indoor pollution has a more significant effect than that of outdoor pollutants. But when is the best time for air quality testing? The team at SafeAir can answer the where, when, why, and how! 

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Commercial Building Indoor Air Quality Testing In Toronto

Posted in Air Quality, on August 13, 2021

As we head back to the office and congregate work settings, the indoor air quality in our offices, shopping malls, and other public spaces will be at the top of our minds. Suppose you’re a manager, building supervisor, or just a curious employee. In that case, commercial air quality testing can help you tweak your working environment to prevent common workplace complaints and improve safety and efficiency. Mold testing in Toronto is SafeAir’s most commonly requested service for commercial and residential clients. 

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How Long Can Mold Spores Stay In The Air?

Posted in Mold, on August 03, 2021

Mold is always present in our environments, but it becomes a problem when it begins to grow indoors and affects indoor air quality. One of the most common questions asked at SafeAir is about mold spores and how long they can remain airborne. The answer might be surprising — mold spores can stay airborne indefinitely, making mold inspection in Toronto one of the best tools for early detection and eradication.

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What the Effects of Mold On Your Health?

Posted in Mold, on July 14, 2021

Do you know which category mold inspection in Toronto falls into? Most homeowners let mold testing wait — for a better time, better season, or when there’s an overt problem. But at SafeAir, we know that mold testing in Toronto may be all that’s standing between you and the serious long-term impacts that mold has on your health — making regular inspections more important than you think. 

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How Harsh Chemical Products Can Affect Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on July 06, 2021

For some of us, it just isn’t clean unless it smells clean — in fact, bad smells are the top reason people book indoor air quality testing! But before you revel in the lemony scent and admire your clean kitchen, you should be aware that some of the most common brands of cleaning products can harm your health. You may be surprised to learn that air quality testing picks up many of the common Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in products for the kitchen, bathroom, and floors.

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What’s The Relation Between Mold and Indoor Air Quality?

Posted in Mold, on June 14, 2021

One of the common questions people ask us at SafeAir is if there’s a relationship between poor air quality and mold growth. The answer is straightforward: yes, your indoor air environment can be significantly improved by mold inspection in Toronto. Mold affects the materials it grows on, but it also travels and reproduces by using the airways in your home. Good indoor air quality rests on several interrelated factors that can be picked up during mold testing in Toronto, radon testing, and general air quality tests. 

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Properly Monitor your Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on June 07, 2021

When we speak about indoor air quality testing, most people think we’re talking about scent or how environmental pollution affects our homes. But air quality testing is about so much more than a strange smell and can affect you and your family in many different ways. This article will help you learn what good air quality is and what common allergens and household pollutants might be found in your home. In the end, we’ll share some of SafeAir’s top tips to improve indoor air quality, learned over a decade of working with homeowners across Toronto and the GTA.

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6 Things That Cause Allergies

Posted in Mold, on May 10, 2021

As any allergy sufferer knows, even the mildest day can severely impact your quality of life. Mold inspection in Toronto can help to identify this common cause of year-round allergies. Symptoms like a runny nose and itchy, watery eyes are common to a wide range of irritants, making it challenging to know what’s causing them

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How You Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on May 03, 2021

Home air quality testing is a fantastic tool for any homeowner interested in making positive changes to the indoor air environment. It's a safe and non-invasive way to measure pollutants, toxins, allergens, dust, or mold spores or look for more specific issues, such as radon testing. Regardless of your concerns, improving your indoor air quality testing has positive effects on more than just your lungs — it can improve your sleep, concentration and reduce the impact of chronic conditions like asthma. 

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10 Things to Know About Carbon Monoxide

Posted in Air Quality, on April 19, 2021

Carbon monoxide is one of the most common and dangerous pollutants found during air quality testing. Still, after years of education about its dangers, some of us have forgotten just how easily it can build up in our homes. At SafeAir, we do carbon monoxide, mold, or radon testing in residential and commercial buildings. These easy tests are simple to perform and won’t disrupt your day — in fact, they may even save your life.  Here are ten things you should know about carbon monoxide at home. 

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