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What Chemicals Affect Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on October 17, 2023

Unless you’ve had air quality testing in Toronto or notice a strange smell, you might think everything is A-OK at home. But at SafeAir, we find that home air quality is a lot more complicated than what your nose detects.

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Why Test for Radon at Home During Cold Weather

Posted in Radon Testing, on October 06, 2023

Air quality issues often leave signs or visible marks: mold growth can make dark splotches or furry patches, air pollution can leave marks or smudges, and allergens cause coughing or sneezing. But radon causes no visible, audible, or experiential effects — at least, not for many years. An air quality inspection in Toronto can help you determine if radon gas affects your family and is especially valuable as the season shifts and we spend more time indoors.

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Benefits of Professional Radon Testing

Posted in Radon Testing, on September 26, 2023

Radon particles and contaminants are only four of many that affect indoor living environments and cause short and long-term allergic and health effects. While some may cause flu-like symptoms, others, like radon gas, are carcinogenic and need professional attention. 

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How Workplace Air Quality Affects Your Health

Posted in Air Quality, on September 20, 2023

Many health and safety committees, managers, and CEOs are learning about the unknown dangers lurking at work that reduce efficiency, increase absenteeism, and cause long-term illness. Whether you’d like a specific service like radon testing or a generalized environmental assessment, SafeAir can help you at home or work! 

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Maintaining Indoor Air Quality During the Colder Months

Posted in Air Quality, on September 14, 2023

During the summer, air quality is easily improved by opening a window. But what happens to air quality when winter arrives? Poor air quality can be subtle and difficult to detect with your senses, leading to health trouble, uncomfortable living spaces, and poorly functioning appliances.

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