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What Negative Health Effects Can Radon Gas Cause?

Posted in Radon Testing, on July 19, 2024

For families looking to improve their indoor air environment, home air quality testing is a straightforward way to identify common problems and issues. At SafeAir, we also recommend adding radon testing to the standard package — while this colourless, odourless, invisible gas may not seem like a pressing issue, it can have a cumulatively disastrous effect on human health and is well worth testing for and preventing.

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How Air Quality Impacts Student Performance

Posted in Air Quality, on July 10, 2024

Did you know that learning is affected by indoor air quality? The air we breathe is one of the most forgotten and ignored elements that affect our daily lives. At SafeAir, we’ve specialized in home air quality testing for over a decade, helping families, schools, and businesses improve the learning and working environment in this subtle but powerful way.

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How Indoor Air Quality Testing Can Improve Your Health in 2024

Posted in Air Quality, on June 27, 2024

Many families are paying more attention to how base respiratory health is affected by social and environmental factors. One of the most significant but overlooked elements of respiratory health is your home’s environment and all the various things you do and bring into it. Indoor air quality testing with SafeAir is one way to quantify your home’s air quality and its effect on your health.

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The Impact of Mold on Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Mold, on June 12, 2024

The impact of mold growth on indoor air quality cannot be understated — it’s a pervasive issue that affects, to some extent, almost every home we visit. But the good news is that solutions are within reach and, caught early, won’t break the budget either. In today’s article, the SafeAir team will share how mold impacts indoor air quality and why you should consider air quality testing this spring.

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The Importance of Regular Air Quality Testing in Toronto Homes

Posted in Air Quality, on May 21, 2024

Spring and summer are excellent times to get a baseline reading of your home’s indoor air quality and make changes to prevent mold growth or other issues. Many of SafeAir’s recommendations are inexpensive and quick to resolve, and many people see results in a short period. To learn more about mold inspection in Toronto or air quality testing, read on!

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Common Indoor Air Pollutants You Need to Know About

Posted in Air Quality, on May 13, 2024

Our homes are supposed to be a safe retreat from the busyness of work and school, but indoor air pollution can have a creeping effect, impacting the quality of your rest, concentration, skin, comfort, and more. In today’s article, the SafeAir team will share five of the most common indoor air pollutants inside homes. 

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What Houses Are Most at Risk for Radon

Posted in Radon Testing, on April 30, 2024

If you’ve heard about radon testing from family or friends, you may have several questions, such as “Is my home at risk?” If this sounds familiar, the SafeAir team can help explain what radon is and whether it’s likely to affect your home. Radon gas is an indoor air quality issue that affects thousands of homes across Toronto and the GTA. It’s a natural phenomenon that’s hard to predict, but it is identifiable through testing — and fixable too!

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How Do I Know if My Home Air Quality Is Bad

Posted in Air Quality, on April 23, 2024

While air quality may not answer all of your questions, air quality testing in Toronto is risk-free and only has positive outcomes, such as identifying areas at risk for mold growth or ventilation changes that improve sleep and rest. To learn more about how we test and what tests might be suitable for your home, contact the SafeAir team by phone or online to book an inspection. 

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