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How your Air Conditioner Helps Improve your Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on August 31, 2017

The air conditioner in your home likely doesn’t turn off until the end of September when the cool air of autumn finally begins to arrive in the GTA. After running your air conditioner all summer long, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your unit so that it’s giving you the best indoor air quality that it can.

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Your Pets and Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on August 18, 2017

Our furry four-legged friends bring us a lot of joy. Like a bad dating website advertisement, there are lots of long walks, snuggling during your favourite TV show, and laughter. But pets could also be having a negative impact on your indoor air quality, leading to allergies and other health symptoms and diseases, like asthma.

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Wildfires & Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on August 08, 2017

With wildfires raging for the past few weeks over parts of British Columbia, the importance of good indoor air quality is one of the issues many families are facing. In Whistler, the popular resort town north of Vancouver

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Air Fresheners and Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on July 08, 2017

There’s nothing nicer than the smell of a freshly cleaned home. If your home has a funky smell, or has developed one recently, you might be tempted to use air fresheners to improve your indoor air quality - but they might be doing a lot more to your indoor air quality than adding a pretty smell.

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Ever Consider the Chimney is Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality?

Posted in Air Quality, on June 21, 2017

Old homes can have many charming features - carved wood, old fixtures, fireplaces. But a beautiful old wood burning fireplace or stove can have a serious affect on your indoor air quality if it’s not kept clean and in good repair. If your home was built before the 1950s, it likely has an old masonry fireplace and chimney.

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