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How to Prevent Mold in Carpets

Posted in Mold, on September 30, 2019

Mold can grow in carpets if the carpet gets wet and remains wet for more than 3 to 4 days. Carpet may be dry to the touch on top, however, the underlayment may be wet. There are many ways a carpet can get wet. There could be a roof leak, window leak, plumbing leak, appliance or tub overflow, basement foundation leak as well as steam cleaning that could introduce moisture into a carpet. No matter how the carpet got wet, time is ticking and the type of mold can have serious health implications.

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Is your Vacuum Cleaner leading to poor Indoor Air Quality?

Posted in Weather, on August 15, 2019

Most people think that the more you clean your home the cleaner the home will be. However, the opposite might be true. Many of our indoor air quality clients are surprised to learn that their vacuum cleaner is actually polluting the air they breathe and contributing to poor indoor air quality.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning and Mold Growth

Posted in Mold, on July 25, 2019

Did you know that steam cleaning your carpet can lead to a mold growth issue in your home? Did you also know that there may be enough mold growth build-up in your carpet that your air quality may be negatively affected?

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Air Quality Inspection in Toronto

Posted in Air Quality, on March 22, 2019

They say that health is wealth - and when it comes to having an air quality inspection in Toronto, ensuring that your indoor environment is safe for you and your family can make even the most humble home into a glittering castle.

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Air Quality Questions

Posted in Weather, on March 20, 2019

The first few are fairly basic and common sense. Before jumping to the conclusion that you may have an air quality issue you should ensure to check the home for a few culprits.

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Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

Posted in Asbestos, on March 08, 2019

The indoor air quality of your home is a key part of you and your family’s overall health, because indoor air quality health effects can be wide ranging and have a long-term cumulative effect. Indoor air quality isn’t always easy to spot the way that a burst pipe or a broken refrigerator is - unlike those household appliances, there’s no switch you flip only to find out your indoor air quality is broken.

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Can Odours in a Home Affect the Indoor Air Quality?

Posted in Mold, on February 20, 2019

Odours in a home can be an indicator of either a small indoor air quality issue or a more serious one that can affect the health of the occupants.Odours are like symptoms of an issue such as a runny nose is an indicator you have a cold. Odours can also indicate a more serious issue such as a hidden mould growth problem or a chemical off-gassing issue or VOC’s. A detailed indoor air quality assessment can help determine the source of the odour and can provide you with a healthier home. Before having an indoor air quality assessment performed, some of the obvious culprits should be investigated. 

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