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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on June 07, 2022

With summer comes a higher proportion of days with a poor air quality index. While outdoor pollution tends to grab the biggest headlines, it's indoor air quality that most of us should be concerned about. Indoor air quality testing with SafeAir is the easiest and most effective way to test your indoor air quality for hidden pollutants and allergens

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What Indoor Air Quality Accessories Work To Keep Me Healthy?

Posted in Air Quality, on April 12, 2022

At SafeAir, we have over a decade of experience helping families test for mold, radon, asbestos, VOCs, and other indoor air quality issues. Beyond professional testing (which we always recommend), here are five different accessories you can purchase to help support a healthy, safe living environment.

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Causes of Frequent Mold Growth in Toronto Homes

Posted in Air Quality, on April 01, 2022

While mold spores are everywhere, the indoor environment concentrates and amplifies their effects, making mold especially hazardous to our health. Mold inspection in Toronto is the best way to test for mold indoors because it can find hidden mold infestations and identify the causes of future infestations. At SafeAir, we’ve been helping families eliminate household mold growth in Toronto for over a decade. Here are some of the most common causes of mold growth in GTA area homes. 

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Book Your Quick Air Quality Home Inspection Today

Posted in Air Quality, on March 03, 2022

Have you moved recently? Are you sleeping poorly or worried about the amount of dust accumulated in your home? If so, SafeAir can help with a quick indoor air quality test! Many common but difficult-to-diagnose issues like allergies, poor sleep, and skin problems often originate from poor indoor air quality. Services like mold inspection in Toronto can identify spores and pinpoint areas with high humidity or reduced airflow that might lead to future infestations.

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The Connection Between Indoor Air Quality and Mold

Posted in Air Quality, on February 15, 2022

Mold spores are one of the most frequently detected particles during home air quality testing in Toronto, which makes mold’s effect not only limited only to the visual and physical damage on your home, but to your respiratory and bodily health as well. SafeAir’s comprehensive indoor air quality inspection services detect mold and other common indoor allergens so that you’re not left guessing

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Retail Air Quality Tests Might Not be Doing the Trick

Posted in Air Quality, on February 03, 2022

Many of your colleagues and neighbours are booking indoor air quality testing to assess their living and working environments. While many DIY air quality testing kits are available at the hardware store, it can be more complicated to use them than you think. One of the most significant barriers to indoor air quality improvement is understanding.

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Indoor Air Pollution: Mitigating the Affects

Posted in Air Quality, on January 24, 2022

Owning a home involves a lot of maintenance work, and many people downplay services like indoor air quality testing. But overlooking testing is a mistake — air quality can significantly affect your health, daily routine, and indoor comfort. SafeAir is a GTA-based company that helps families assess their home by performing mold testing, radon testing, and other indoor air quality tests. After over a decade of experience in the field, we’ve helped thousands of families safeguard their respiratory health by improving their indoor environment. 

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The Negative Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on December 02, 2021

They say that you are what you eat — well, you are what you breathe too! SafeAir’s indoor air quality testing helps identify pollutants, allergens, and potential issues with your indoor living or work environments. The WHO estimates that somewhere around 3% of deaths worldwide are caused in part or whole by poor indoor air quality. Home air quality testing should be part of every Canadian’s home health and safety plans since it affects all aspects of our lives. Whether you’re concerned about your immunity, want to reduce your allergy symptoms, or simply want to improve your home, here are some ways that indoor air quality tests can help. 

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Why Monitoring Your Indoor Air Quality Matters Post COVID-19

Posted in Air Quality, on November 09, 2021

COVID-19 has opened our eyes to how important safe indoor environments are in preventing viruses and other respiratory ailments. At SafeAir, our focus on indoor air quality testing has helped thousands of GTA families make positive changes that improve their asthma, chronic lung conditions, sleep, and even concentration. Air quality testing can identify unknown issues and relieve hidden stressors that affect your everyday health. 

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