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Maintaining Indoor Air Quality During the Colder Months

Posted in Air Quality, on September 14, 2023

During the summer, air quality is easily improved by opening a window. But what happens to air quality when winter arrives? Poor air quality can be subtle and difficult to detect with your senses, leading to health trouble, uncomfortable living spaces, and poorly functioning appliances.

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Why You Might Have Difficulty Breathing at Home

Posted in Air Quality, on August 11, 2023

Breathing is so fundamental to human life that we don’t notice its presence until there’s a disruption. This summer, clients of SafeAir across Southern Ontario saw a reduction in air quality from wildfire smoke and other pollutants, triggering a wave of requests for air quality inspection in Toronto.

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How to Know If Wildfires are Impacting Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on July 27, 2023

For many of us in the GTA, the smoke and poor air quality from this summer’s wildfires have been an entirely new and concerning experience. While we usually get calls about radon detection and mold testing, the SafeAir team has experienced an uptick in calls about how indoor air quality is affected by wildfires.

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Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Posted in Air Quality, on June 09, 2023

Good air quality at home starts with a mold inspection in Toronto. The air you breathe may not be safe just because it doesn’t smell, taste or feel wrong — and because we spend so much time indoors, our air environment may affect our health more than outdoor air quality

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Contaminants That Deteriorate Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on April 17, 2023

Because we spend so much time indoors, home air quality greatly affects our day-to-day health and wellness. At SafeAir, we help families optimize their indoor environment with air quality testing in Toronto. These safe and non-invasive tests help identify contaminants and other issues with your indoor air environment — with that knowledge, we can help you devise a plan to eliminate or reduce your risk and any health effects.

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Find the Source of Illness with Air Quality Testing

Posted in Air Quality, on February 27, 2023

Many folks equate nasty smells with poor air quality — and it’s true that smell is one indication that something’s not quite right. But you might be surprised by what home air quality testing reveals. At SafeAir, many of the most common services we offer, like mold testing in Toronto, have few, if any, scent, visual or audible effects.

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3 Key Home Air Quality Mistakes To Avoid

Posted in Air Quality, on January 23, 2023

Many people make expensive changes to their homes to solve indoor comfort problems when a quick and painless home air quality test would help bring to light many common issues that affect comfort, safety, and health.

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