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Radon Testing

What Negative Health Effects Can Radon Gas Cause?

Posted in Radon Testing, on July 19, 2024

For families looking to improve their indoor air environment, home air quality testing is a straightforward way to identify common problems and issues. At SafeAir, we also recommend adding radon testing to the standard package — while this colourless, odourless, invisible gas may not seem like a pressing issue, it can have a cumulatively disastrous effect on human health and is well worth testing for and preventing.

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What Houses Are Most at Risk for Radon

Posted in Radon Testing, on April 30, 2024

If you’ve heard about radon testing from family or friends, you may have several questions, such as “Is my home at risk?” If this sounds familiar, the SafeAir team can help explain what radon is and whether it’s likely to affect your home. Radon gas is an indoor air quality issue that affects thousands of homes across Toronto and the GTA. It’s a natural phenomenon that’s hard to predict, but it is identifiable through testing — and fixable too!

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What You Need to Know to Keep Your Home Safe From Radon

Posted in Radon Testing, on January 22, 2024

Radon testing is something that, like electrical work, is best performed by a professional for safe and effective results. At SafeAir, we’ve been testing radon in Toronto for over a decade, following the latest advances in procedures and tools as set out by industry standards and regulations.

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What Types of Home Have the Most Radon

Posted in Radon Testing, on December 29, 2023

Regardless of whether or not you live in a high-risk area, homes can still have radon issues when there is poor ventilation. Good airflow helps to move radon gas out of the home so it can harmlessly dissipate in the environment. The problem is that basements, where radon most frequently collects, tend to need better ventilation to begin with! 

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Why Test for Radon at Home During Cold Weather

Posted in Radon Testing, on October 06, 2023

Air quality issues often leave signs or visible marks: mold growth can make dark splotches or furry patches, air pollution can leave marks or smudges, and allergens cause coughing or sneezing. But radon causes no visible, audible, or experiential effects — at least, not for many years. An air quality inspection in Toronto can help you determine if radon gas affects your family and is especially valuable as the season shifts and we spend more time indoors.

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