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Is Radon a Problem in Ontario Homes?

Posted in Radon Testing, on November 11, 2022

Many folks wonder if they should worry if there’s radon gas in their homes, and the short answer is yes, you do. No matter what age, location, or type of home you have, radon testing almost always alerts the SafeAir team to the presence of radon gas in Ontario homes. Thus, the more critical question is whether or not it’s at dangerous concentrations, which is the answer that air quality testing reveals.

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What Activities Trigger Radon Leaks?

Posted in Radon Testing, on October 18, 2022

Did you know that your home’s radon levels are always in flux? While the cause of radon gas (which we’ll explore more in-depth below) doesn’t change from year to year or season to season, other factors that affect your indoor air quality do, and these can change the concentration of the gas in your home and the risks you and your family face.

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Should I Get a Radon Reduction System?

Posted in Radon Testing, on September 20, 2022

As public awareness grows, you may have heard about radon testing from friends, neighbours, or your colleagues. This passive, non-invasive service helps to measure the amount of radon gas in your indoor air quality and is an essential tool for preventing the harmful long-term effects of exposure.

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