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Air Quality Testing and Odours

Posted in Air Quality, on June 15, 2015 By Admin

It’s that time of year again...summer! The warmer temperatures and the sun shine is finally here! We’ve all endured a very cold winter and not so great spring. Time to crank up the air conditioning systems. As we start to close up our homes, we could begin to smell odours. Many of our

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The Cities With The Best And Worst Air Quality In The World

Posted in Air Quality, on May 14, 2015 By Admin

Are you curious about the cities with the best and worst air quality worldwide? There's a pressing need to decrease air pollution levels globally and while measures relating to air quality have had some positive outcomes at some locations worldwide, millions in both developed and developing

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5 Ways To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Posted in Air Quality, on May 11, 2015 By Admin

How comfortable and clean is the air in your home? Is it too hot, too dry, or too dusty? Although we spend up to 90% of our time indoors at work, home, and school, you could easily think that the air outside is cleaner. However, this is untrue. In fact, the concentration of indoor air pollution

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How To Setup Air Quality Control At Your Business

Posted in Air Quality, on May 05, 2015 By Admin

Are your employees constantly experiencing recurrent headaches, breathing difficulties or respiratory infections? You may need a thorough air quality evaluation to establish whether the origin of these signs is environmental. The indoor setting in every building is the outcome of the interaction

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How Air Quality Affects Productivity At The Office

Posted in Air Quality, on May 04, 2015 By Admin

Could your frequent absenteeism be the result of poor air quality at the workplace? Indoor air quality (IAQ) is crucial to a healthy office setting. IAQ in the work environment is the subject of considerable attention because poor quality of air affects workers, causing various symptoms including

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3 Home Odors You Should Worry About

Posted in Air Quality, on April 17, 2015 By Admin

Are you struggling to eliminate the irritating odors in your home? The only way to eliminate a smell involves the removal of the source. Though it sounds basic, you'd be surprised at how frequently individuals spray air freshener and hope the smell will vanish. An odor might originate from one

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5 Warning Signs That You Have Poor Home Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on April 14, 2015 By Admin

Could the mold and recurrent health problems be a sign of poor home air quality? The home is supposed to be a place where you can feel safe and relax. However, indoor air pollution is a real concern that could affect your health and comfort. Air quality affects your health and that of your

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Is Your Home Causing Your Family To Get Sick?

Posted in Air Quality, on April 08, 2015 By Admin

Could your home be a source of family health problems? Canadians typically spend up to 90% at home, work, and school. Clean air is crucial for good health, and this is particularly true when it concerns indoor air. While a considerable number of Canadians spend time indoors, most aren't aware

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Plants can provide healthier indoor air quality

Posted in Air Quality, on March 23, 2015 By Admin

Indoor air quality can be negatively affected by a variety of things. Building materials, contents, furniture, toys, decorating materials, smoking, candles, incense, the list goes on. To combat poor indoor air quality, some people choose to mask issues with air fresheners or other scented or

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