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How Does Smoking Affects Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on September 07, 2022

As the days get cooler, many of us are tempted to smoke indoors to avoid a chill. But indoor air quality testing reveals that the impact of indoor smoking is more significant than many think, regardless of whether you’re using cigarettes, marijuana, or vaping. SafeAir’s air quality testing can reveal the effects of smoking and other indoor air quality issues by uncovering the hidden effects that impact your sleep, energy, respiratory health, and more. 

The Effect of Chemicals and Particulates

air quality testingOne of the main ways smoking affects indoor air quality is through the chemicals and particulates released when something is burned. Cigarettes release many substances that negatively affect your health and surroundings. While relatively new to the scene, Vaping has shown in testing to release both VOCs and ultrafine particulate matter, which can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

The Effect on Objects and Soft Furnishings

It’s not just your body that’s affected by these things — your clothing, soft furnishings, and the structure of your home can be damaged or weakened over time by exposure to smoking and its byproducts. A shortened life span for a pair of jeans may not seem critical — but if you’re having to buy a new sofa or replace your carpeting every few years, the costs can add up.

Avoid Illness by Smoking Outdoors

It’s well documented that smoking negatively affects human health — but we know that addiction is a complex mechanism, and harm reduction may be a better strategy than going cold turkey. Taking your habit outdoors helps to disperse the effects of smoking by providing increased ventilation. Smoking in enclosed spaces, such as a bedroom or car, can strengthen and concentrate the adverse environmental and physical effects of smoking.

Children are at Increased Risk

The most compelling argument for smoking outdoors is to protect the young people in our lives. Throughout our years of experience in the indoor air quality testing business SafeAir has seen study after study linking smoking to short and long-term childhood illnesses such as asthma, ear infections, missed school, and even SIDS.  Protect those growing bodies and minds by keeping smoke and vapour outdoors. 

How SafeAir Can Help Smoke Proof Your Home

If you are concerned about how smoking or vaping affects your indoor environment, SafeAir can help! Home air quality testing takes an in-depth look at the invisible environment around you and can identify common problems like mold growth, allergens, pollutants, radon gas, and more. 

When it comes to smoking, we can make recommendations to help smoke-proof your home, such as: 

  • Deep cleaning your carpets, drapes, and other linens
  • Use an air purifier to help reduce odours
  • Choosing or creating an outdoor smoking area away from windows and in-take fans

Just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean it’s not there — which is why indoor air quality testing is such a valuable service.

Indoor Air Quality Testing at SafeAir 

Don’t succumb to poor indoor air quality. With SafeAir, you can get a detailed report of chemical reading, and make a plan to restore your home’s indoor air quality. 

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