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Why You Need a Mold Inspection This Winter

Posted in Mold, on November 17, 2021

Just because winter is on our doorstep, it doesn’t mean we can forget about mold growth. You may be surprised to learn it’s an excellent time of year for mold inspection in Toronto because the colder temperatures can retard mold growth and lessen the problems that cause it. SafeAir’s services, such as air quality and mold testing in Toronto,  are part of a proactive plan that prevents today’s minor issues from blossoming into more significant problems in the future. 

Can Mold Grow in Winter?

One of the most common myths about mold growth is that it can’t survive a Canadian winter. While this may be true for some species, there are thousands of different kinds of mold, and some do thrive in cold-weather environments. 

Your home remains a perfect, balanced temperature environment all year long. Most common household molds prefer a temperature range of 15℃-30℃. If it does dip closer to freezing, many mold species will go dormant, reawakening when the conditions are favourable again. This hibernation tricks many homeowners into thinking that mold has died and can result in the same infestation coming back year after year. 

How Can Mold Grow in Winter?

Mold needs moisture for growth, and while it may not seem obvious, the winter provides plenty of water sources for mold to thrive. Some of the familiar places SafeAir discovers winter moisture include:

  • Condensation around windows
  • Snowmelt from clothing and boots
  • Ice damage in attics
  • Cooking and bathing steam

Even if you don’t see visible mold growth, there may be hidden moisture problems in your attic, basement, or exterior walls. Additionally, many people humidify their homes during the winter to combat the unpleasant effects of dry air. Too much humidity will encourage or spark mold growth at any time of year and should be carefully balanced around 50%. This prevents excessive mold growth but also ensures you remain comfortable indoors. 


Why Mold Inspections in Toronto are a Good Idea

If you have or suspect indoor mold growth, our advice is to have a professional mold inspection in Toronto to confirm the presence of mold growth and help determine the cause. The next step is to put into place a safe and effective remediation plan to protect your home and your family. 

The issue with mold growth is not so much that it damages your home (though that is a real and expensive consequence) but that it negatively affects your health and indoor air quality.  The air you breathe is a critical part of our overall health and is often neglected. While we’re all aware of outdoor air quality and the effects of smog and pollution, why do we automatically assume that indoors equals safe?

The skin is our largest organ, and air provides our bodies and brain with needed oxygen so that we feel healthy and energized in our day-to-day. The effect of poor indoor air quality can be dramatic, but it’s often difficult to tell apart from other common issues like allergies or the common cold or flu. This makes diagnosing poor indoor air quality difficult without professional testing.

Mold testing in Toronto is a specialized service that SafeAir offers to tackle this facet of indoor air quality. Mold growth affects indoor air quality through spores, which spread and grow their colony. These tiny spores are easily made airborne, where they can latch onto your skin, hair, pets, clothing, and more. More importantly, they can also be breathed in, where they cause irritation and inflammation to mucous membranes and the respiratory system. 

How Do You Prevent Winter Mold Growth in Toronto?

The key to preventing mold growth during the winter months is:

  • Balance your indoor humidity levels at 50%
  • Vent humid air outdoors
  • Monitor windows and doorways for condensation problems
  • Clean your gutters to prevent buildup
  • Inspect plumbing regularly to stop leaks. 

Most importantly, if you suspect you have indoor mold growth, reach out to the SafeAir team for mold inspection in Toronto! We’ll put our professional skills to the test to get the truth and give you peace of mind. Get in touch with our team by accessing our contact page for more information about mold and indoor air quality.

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