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Signs Your Air Quality Could Be Affecting Your Health

Posted in Air Quality, on July 11, 2022

When we try to improve our health, we usually focus on what we put in our bodies, like food, supplements, or medicines. But there’s another critical element that should be factored into our health: the air we breathe. Indoor air quality testing is the best way to measure indoor air quality and assess its impact on our health as well as the people around us. At SafeAir we believe that healthy, clean air is the foundation of good physical and mental health. Our air quality testing services measure the amount of pollutants and allergens in your indoor environment, alerting you to risk factors related to respiratory trouble, fatigue, skin problems, and more. 

How Does Air Quality Affect Your Health?

home air quality testingThe air around us touches every part of human health — both literally and figuratively! To begin with, your largest organ, the skin, can be highly affected by poor air quality, leading to dry skin, itchiness, rashes, and may be a factor in skin issues like eczema. 

Your lungs and respiratory system are also affected by air pollution. Poor air quality affects cognitive functioning and the ability to concentrate and perform complex tasks. In healthy populations, the effects of indoor air pollutants can mimic allergies or common viruses, leading to discomfort, increased sick leave, and increased risk of serious illness. With commercial or home air quality testing at Safe Air, you can identify whether contaminants in the air are triggering physical illness. 

Why Good Indoor Air Quality is Beneficial

Testing services is a straightforward way to identify contaminants, eliminate them, and reverse the effects of poor indoor air quality on your health. By identifying risks and ongoing air quality issues in your home, SafeAir’s indoor air quality tests can help you make positive changes to your indoor air environment. 

Our clients have found that simple changes, such as lowering their indoor humidity or increasing ventilation can have an outsized effect on their day-to-day, improving sleep, increasing their comfort, and leading to better long-term health. 

Some indoor air quality problems can cause or compound other issues in your home. One example is mold growth, which can quickly grow out of control in a house with high humidity or poor ventilation. Our indoor air quality testing services can uncover mold triggers or causes before the infestation gets out of control — saving you time, expense, stress, and the associated health risks and problems. 

Work with SafeAir to Improve Your Air Quality

After over a decade of experience as the GTA’s premier indoor air quality testing company, SafeAir has helped thousands of homeowners make positive changes to their home’s indoor air quality. During indoor air quality testing, our professional and experienced technicians do an in-depth examination of your home, looking for the signs and symptoms of poor air quality that can lead to chronic health problems and make your home uncomfortable or unsafe. We’ll highlight these areas and suggest what changes may benefit or eliminate your risks — interested to learn more?

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