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Unexpected Places A Mold Inspection Might Reveal Mold

Posted in Mold, on June 20, 2022

Most of us look for mold in the obvious places: the bathroom, attic, or basement. But the rooms that test positive during a mold inspection in Toronto might surprise you! At SafeAir, we’ve seen mold growing in every room of the house, and helped countless families discover hidden mold growth during mold testing in Toronto. So what are the top unexpected places for mold growth, and why does it happen? 

Why Homes in Toronto Get Mold Infestations

mold testing TorontoWhile there are many components that contribute to the infiltration and exponential growth of mold indoors, mold really only needs one vital ingredient to grow, and that is moisture. Water can get inside our homes in many different ways. A broken pipe or flood during a storm is a frequent cause of basement mold, while humidity can cause mold in the bathroom. Preventing moisture buildup and drying things out when it does happen is an essential step in avoiding mold removal in Toronto. 

5 Unexpected Rooms Affected by Mold 

  • Kitchen: The kitchen has plenty of moisture sources that can feed a mold infestation — boiling a pot of water can add a ton of humidity to the air, let alone drips, leaks, and spills. At SafeAir, we frequently discover kitchen mold underneath cupboards, behind refrigerators and stoves, and near exterior windows and doors.
  • Attic: The attic is one of the first places SafeAir looks at during mold testing in Toronto. While it’s a common site for mold growth, many homeowners are still surprised to find it in their attic. Because it’s not regularly used and rarely has pipes or water sources, many people assume the attic is immune to mold growth, which can have dangerous consequences. Look on our blog to learn more about attic mold growth and how it can affect your home’s indoor air environment.
  • Closets: Another key ingredient to mold growth is poor ventilation. A closet with no windows and a door that’s usually closed can trap moisture from wet or warm clothes that have no air movement to help dry them out. At SafeAir, we find that coat closets near the front door, which store wet rain gear, boots, and snowsuits, are most frequently affected.
  • Garage: While it may seem like an outdoor space, the garage can be the site for indoor mold growth for many people. Older, detached garages can leak or experience roof damage or pests, and garage doors may leak and let a lot of water in — especially if your garage is at the bottom of a sloped driveway.
  • Bedroom: One of the effects of indoor mold growth that our clients are most surprised by is how mold negatively affects sleep, leading to poor or broken rest. This can be caused by bedroom mold growth, which may be encouraged by an en-suite or walk-in closet that traps moisture and restricts airflow. The worst thing you can do with your damp gym clothes is tossing them into the laundry basket (and we’re not just talking about the smell!) — air dry them first to eliminate the excess moisture, then launder them. 

How SafeAir can Help Discover Hidden Mold Growth

The best way to determine if you’re at risk for mold growth or if you have a hidden infestation in your home is to book a mold inspection in Toronto with SafeAir. Our professional, science-based indoor air quality tests can detect minute quantities of mold spores and other indoor allergens that can affect your rest, health, and indoor comfort. 

While a damp basement, musty odour, and discolouration are all classic signs of a mold infestation, it’s more common to experience more subtle signs and symptoms that are difficult to differentiate from other issues like hayfever or allergies. 

Improving your indoor air quality through mold inspection and testing in Toronto will give you peace of mind and increase your home’s health and safety. To learn more about SafeAir’s mold inspection services, call or get in touch with our team today!

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