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The Importance of Regular Air Quality Testing in Toronto Homes

Posted in Air Quality, on May 21, 2024

As Ontario shifts into spring, the SafeAir team will field more calls for mold inspection in Toronto. Many homes experience considerable shifts in air quality, humidity, and allergens during the spring and summer, leading to discomfort, strange odours, and more. Air quality testing in Toronto is the best way to accurately diagnose changes to your home’s indoor air environment and help catch emergent problems like a mold infestation. In this article, the SafeAir team will share how mold can spread quickly during the warm, humid days of spring and what you can do to recognize and stop it. 

Health Risks of Poor Air Quality

The Importance of Regular Air Quality Testing in Toronto HomesMany people associate poor air quality with AQI ratings and assume that if ratings are high outdoors, their indoor environment will be safer — but this is not always the case. Indoor air quality hazards can pose a greater risk to your health because of the length and concentration of exposure. 

The primary health risk caused by exposure to poor air quality is through your respiratory system; your skin is a close second! The air we breathe directly affects our brains, bodily functions, and overall health, making fresh air a critical component of wellness. 

Exposure to allergens like mold spores can cause problems like coughing, wheezing, and congestion and worsen chronic conditions like asthma and COPD — research suggests it may even play a role in the development of asthma in children and adults. Regardless of the severity of the effect, poor air quality has a negative impact on daily life and long-term health. 

Signs of Poor Air Quality

Poor air quality at home can be challenging to detect with the senses. When mold colonies become large, they may create a musty odour, but the SafeAir team has also discovered hidden colonies with no symptoms or scent — so even that is no guarantee. 

Whenever something changes in your indoor air environment, you should take notice and have it assessed. Some of the most common visible signs of poor air quality include: 

  • Visible mold growth or staining on walls and floors. 
  • Dust and dander buildup. 
  • Condensation on windows or walls. 
  • Health effects like coughing, sneezing, or headaches. 
  • Increased frequency of asthma attacks. 
  • High indoor humidity. 

The Benefits of Regular Air Quality Testing

At SafeAir, we’re passionate about air quality testing in Toronto because we’ve seen how small changes can have a big effect. Many air quality issues indoors are caused by air flow problems, humidity issues, and allergen buildup. Early detection of these issues can help ensure your indoor environment is a healthy place to live, eat, and rest. 

Some of the common benefits we see include: 

  • Increased energy efficiency (less dust and dirt floating through your HVAC). 
  • Better temperature regulation. 
  • Fewer repairs due to mold or other issues. 
  • Fresher smelling air. 
  • Balanced humidity. 
  • Better sleep!

Early detection of indoor air quality problems can help prevent long-term problems. For example, identifying a new issue with attic mold growth thwarts damage to insulation. Insulation helps prevent air leaks that can cause air conditioners and furnaces to run all day long, causing high heating and cooling bills. Catching a mold infestation early means a faster clean-up and better long-term results. 

SafeAir: The Solution to Air Quality Testing in Toronto Homes

SafeAir has been helping Torontonians clean their indoor air quality for over a decade. We’ve been through new and old condos, duplexes, and detached homes, assisting homeowners to identify and fix air quality issues affecting their families. 

Annual or seasonal air quality testing in Toronto is an excellent addition to your home maintenance routine. We use non-invasive testing methods backed by science to take samples and ratings of different areas of your home. Doing it once can identify allergens, problem areas, or specific issues like mold growth — doing it annually can help detect weaknesses in your building envelope, monitor problems, or catch emergent issues. 

Book Your Air Quality Assessment Today!

Spring and summer are excellent times to get a baseline reading of your home’s indoor air quality and make changes to prevent mold growth or other issues. Many of SafeAir’s recommendations are inexpensive and quick to resolve, and many people see results in a short period. To learn more about mold inspection in Toronto or air quality testing, contact the SafeAir team to book your visit today. 

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