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Air Quality Questions

Posted in Weather, on March 20, 2019

One of the most common air quality questions we’ve received this week is:

Why do I smell an odour each time I come home?

There can be many reasons for odour issues in a home.

The first few are fairly basic and common sense. Before jumping to the conclusion that you may have an air quality issue you should ensure to check the home for a few culprits.

Indoor odours can be created by pets, occupants as well as contents. Ensure that there are no dropped and forgotten food items that children or even pets may have left behind. Ensure that there are no droppings or litter issues from pets that may have been overlooked. Another source of odours are forgotten laundry items or sports equipment, especially hockey bags, socks, towels, etc.

Another source of common indoor odour issues can be rodents. You should think back a few years, in some cases, and try to recall if you’ve ever had a rodent issue. If you have a mouse or other rodent problem, how was that addressed? In many cases bait or poison designed to be carried back to the nest where it will kill the rodent inside walls or under floors is not a good idea. This can lead to a significant odour issue. Dead rodents or rodents nests inside walls are very hard to locate.

Once, you have crossed the above possible sources off the list it may be wise to schedule an indoor air quality testing or air quality inspection.

Odours can also be from the following:

Mould growth issues indoors can be the leading cause for indoor air quality and odour complaints. Most mould growth issues are hidden inside walls, above ceilings and under floors. Mould growth issues can also be behind furniture and inside closets or attics.

Poor ventilation or a home that is too tightly sealed can also lead to indoor air quality complaints and recurring odour issues. In many cases better ventilation should reduce or eliminate the odour problem.

VOC’s or chemical off gassing from building materials, contents or decorating materials can also lead to odour issues in a home.

Sewer gases from plumbing issues or renovations in bathrooms can allow sewer gases into a home leading to a pungent odour. Chemically sensitive individuals can react to this.

The best way to determine if there is an air quality issue is to schedule an indoor air quality inspection. This can determine the condition of the home and will also determine what air quality issues are leading to the odour perception.

In all of our air quality assessments we provide a detailed and comprehensive report outlining what we tested for, what your levels were, and what is the fix for your air quality problems.

Since we do not sell any equipment or filters or perform any other services beside the air quality assessment, you can rest assured that we will perform an independent inspection without a conflict of interest.

Call us today and we will be happy to discuss your situation with you.

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