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Can My Air Quality Test Detect Mold?

Posted in Mold, on November 06, 2020

Whether or not you’re breathing healthy air at home can be assessed by air quality testing in Toronto.  Most of us don’t think twice about our indoor air quality, but it affects everything in our lives, from the restfulness of our sleep to the healthiness of our skin, and it’s often very easy to improve - once you know what sort of allergens or pollutants are affecting you. But how does indoor air quality testing in Toronto work, and can it detect mold? 

How Does An Air Quality Test Work?

Air quality testing takes a deep look at what’s floating around the air of your home to help you make positive improvements to your environment. Air quality testing in Toronto generally begins with a visual assessment to locate obvious problem areas or places where focused testing is needed. Next, using non-invasive methods and professional tools, a number of air samples are taken from both inside and outside of the house - and, depending on what we’re testing for, in different seasons or weather. 

These samples are sent to a third-party laboratory, which returns results to us that break down what exactly can be found in your indoor air quality including what types of mold, how much, and even where it’s most concentrated. 

How Does It Successfully Detect Mold? 

Mold is often seen as a surface problem, but it’s so dangerous in part because it’s also an indoor air quality issue. Mold is a relative of the common mushroom - it grows on organic materials like wood, paper, or textiles, and in the process, it breaks them down. Mold affects indoor air quality because its reproduction is airborne. Mold sends out lightweight spores that float through the air and quickly colonize other locations. These spores can be breathed in, and land on our skin, eyes, or nose, causing irritation and allergic reactions. 

Indoor air quality testing in Toronto can detect what type of mold is present, as well as help determines whether there’s invisible mold growth behind walls or heavy furniture. Sometimes, knowing what type of mold is present can really help determine your remediation strategy - for example, it may be wise to take increased precautions if we find toxic black mold.

How Can The Right Company Help? 

At SafeAir, we specialize in indoor air quality issues in Toronto and the GTA. Working with us ensures you receive professional results obtained by technicians with years of on the job and in the classroom training. Our sensitive tools and instruments can detect a range of indoor air pollutants like asbestos, lead, radon gas, mold, allergens, VOCs, and more. 

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Today with SafeAir

Air quality testing in Toronto has been proven to improve sleep quality, everyday life and more. For more information on booking an indoor air quality test for your home, workplace, or cottage, get in touch with us at 416-414-5690 for more information. 

More information on air quality and mold:

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