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6 Reasons You Need a Mold Inspection in Toronto

Posted in Mold, on October 02, 2020

A mold inspection in Toronto can give you needed peace of mind when it comes to the health and safety of your home. In Southern Ontario, mold can grow year round - the high humidity and heat of the summer months give way to wet and cold winters, and in the regulated atmosphere of our homes, mold growth can quickly start to grow. 

But why is mold testing in Toronto important? Mold causes a range of respiratory, cognitive, and physical problems for even the healthiest of people. It reproduces by airborne spores that are easily spread throughout the home, and it can cause huge amounts of damage to the essential structure of your home. The following are 6 reasons why you might need a mold inspection in Toronto. 

You Live in an Older Home

Many homes in Toronto are 50+ years old and were built in a time when standards were different: they often have insufficient insulation, lack good ventilation, were made of porous or weak materials, or time simply hasn’t been kind, and years of wear and tear have created the ideal conditions for mold.

Strange Smells

One of the easiest ways to detect mold growth is its distinctive musty smell. This scent is often found in areas that have high humidity, like basement laundry rooms or underneath cupboards, and is an indication of a water leak and mold growth.

You Constantly Feel Sick

Mold exposure often resembles the common cold or flu: sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, and headache. But if your ‘flu’ disappears when you go to work or eases after a weekend away, it may not actually be a virus.

You’ve Had a Flood or Leak

Water is the number one cause of mold growth. If you’ve had a flood, a pipe burst, or found a recent leak, it’s important to dry out the area as fast as possible, and follow up with mold testing in Toronto.

You’re Having a Baby

Babies, children, and elders are among those who are worst affected by mold growth, and research indicates that poor indoor air quality and exposure to mold growth may be an important factor in the development of childhood asthma.

You’ve Recently Moved or Plan to Renovate

A pre-purchase home inspection is one of the best times to book a mold inspection in Toronto, but the weeks before you move in are also a great time to get your new home in tip top shape.  Before starting any renovations or big changes to your property, a mold inspection can help save you time and money and ensure that your reno plans stay within budget. 

Work With SafeAir

At SafeAir we’re indoor air quality specialists, and have been testing for mold, organic and inorganic pollutants, allergens, and other indoor air quality issues for well over a decade. The air we breathe is often the last thing on people’s lists when it comes to indoor health and safety, but the biggest culprit when it comes to harmful effects. For more information on mold inspections in Toronto or indoor air quality testing, call us at 416-414-5690. 

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