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Radon Symptoms in The Home

Posted in Air Quality, on January 13, 2021

Radon testing is the best way to know if your home is affected by radon gas. While the symptoms of radon exposure are serious and can be scary, they’re often not common until it’s too late - making early detection and a home radon test an important part of home safety.  

What is Radon?

Radon is an odourless, colourless gas created deep underground in the earth’s crust. As uranium breaks down it releases radioactive gasses that come up through rocks and soil to the earth’s surface. Some areas are more prone to radon concentration than others, and it can become concentrated in the basements of homes built in these areas. 

Why Is Radon Dangerous?

When radon gas is breathed in it goes into our lungs, and as it decays, these delicate tissues are exposed to tiny amounts of radiation, which causes damage and irritation. Over time, radon exposure is the second most leading cause of lung cancer - and if you smoke, your risk is even greater. 

Common Symptoms of Radon Gas Exposure

If you have been exposed to radon or have any of the following symptoms, you should talk to your doctor and book home radon testing: 

  • shortness of breath
  • trouble swallowing
  • hoarseness or a sore throat
  • tightness in the chest
  • a worsening cough
  • chest pain

Testing for Radon

While there are no medical tests available to determine if you’ve been exposed to radon gas, home radon tests are an accurate way to gauge your home’s risk level today. When it comes to reducing your exposure to radon gas, the earlier the better, and since it can’t be seen or smelled, a professional radon test is the most accurate way to determine if your home is affected. 

A home radon test usually takes place over a couple of months. An unobtrusive and passive testing device is carefully placed in your basement or crawlspace and then sent to a laboratory after the testing period is complete. If your home tests above the safe limit set by the WHO, there are a number of radon remediation strategies that are available - some are even DIY!

Work with SafeAir For a Radon Free Home

As indoor air safety experts, the team at SafeAir has many years of experience performing home radon testing. We’ve found that predicting exposure can be really difficult - homes on the same block often return very different results, which says to us that radon testing should be top of mind regardless of where you live. For more information on radon testing in Toronto and the GTA, give us a call at 416-414-5690 and visit our radon testing service page for more information. 

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