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The Most Requested Areas of the Home for Mold Inspection

Posted in Mold, on January 26, 2021

There’s no shame in needing a mold inspection in Toronto - no one is free of mold growth, and it’s a widespread issue that affects homes across the city. Staying on the lookout for the signs and symptoms of mold growth can help alert you to potential problem areas or new infestations - and spotting it early can help save you thousands of dollars (and a big headache) later. But where are the most common areas to find mold?

Read on for our top 5 most requested areas for mold testing in Toronto

  1. The Attic - The attic is one of the most mold infected places in the average home. This is for a few obvious reasons. The first is that mold likes to grow undisturbed, and most attics in the GTA aren’t easy to access. This feeds into the second reason - moisture issues in the attic can go undetected for a long time. Insulation can easily hide mold growth from a casual observer, making mold testing the best way to sniff out hidden issues.

  2. The Bathroom - Mold likes to grow where there is water, and there are fewer rooms in our home that have less potential for leaks, drips, and humidity. Ensuring that your bathroom has an exhaust fan or cracked window during bathing can help reduce moisture buildup in this small space, but regularly inspecting out-of-the-way spots can also help.

  3. The Kitchen - Like the bathroom, the kitchen has plenty of opportunities for water leaks, from malfunctioning dishwashers to tap drips to cooking steam. Like the bathroom, an exhaust fan is helpful, but regular cleaning of dirt, grease, and dust can also reduce the food sources that mold needs to grow.
  4. The Basement - Basements are often dark, suffer from raised humidity, and may be prone to floods, and are the primary contributing factor to mold growth. Our habit of storing things in paper boxes and reduced airflow don’t help! The fact is that many basements (and crawlspaces) need mold testing in Toronto because of these factors and others.
  5. The Laundry Room - Nobody likes to think of appliance malfunctions, but they happen - and leaks and issues with the washing machine or moisture from air drying clothes indoors are common reasons for indoor mold growth. 

Find Hidden Mold In Your Home 

While we more frequently find mold growing in these rooms, the truth is it can grow anywhere, which is why mold testing is an important part of making your home safe and healthy to live in. Mold inspections in Toronto are a non-invasive, science-based way to reveal indoor mold growth and are an especially valuable tool during home inspections or renovations. For more information on SafeAir’s mold testing protocols and information about indoor air quality safety, get in touch at 416-414-5690 and request a free consultation.

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