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How Indoor Plants Help Improve Your Air Quality and Overall Well Being

Posted in Air Quality, on July 13, 2016

Your house not only looks nicer when it’s scattered with beautiful greenery, but actually the air quality of your home is better as well. Plants not only improve your air quality, but helps to improve your well being! They actually help you live in a better home and also make you feel happier! Plants are well known to be anti-pollutants as they absorb many chemicals that can be harmful to your air quality. Many of these harmful chemicals can be commonly found in household items such as many cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towels and more.

Some recommend plants to have in your home or workplace, that will improve your indoor air quality and your wellbeing are: aloe, ivy, lilys, golden pathos, red-edge dracaena bamboo palm, philodendron, and snake plant. All of those listed plants will help you to improve the overall air quality of your home or workplace. Most of them actually serve other purposes though, for example aloe, whose gel helps to relieve cuts and burns.

Plants help to clean the air and improve the air quality of your home, but they also actually contribute to a healthier overall wellbeing. Plants can actually help us with our breathing. It’s common knowledge that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen meaning they can easier help to increase oxygen levels, which is also our body is quite fond of and our air quality will be happy about.

They also help keep our air clean and pure. It’s been sourced by many that plants help to improve the indoor air quality of your home and/or workplace. Many ferns absorb formaldehyde, the common chemical found in lots of household cleaning products. Lots of other plants absorb other chemicals and bacteria that may be causing some damage to your air quality.

Illnesses are more unlikely to occur when you have plants inside of your house. People who have indoor plants have noticed a decrease of common flu symptoms such as dry throat, cough, and running noses. Headaches also become reduced because plants help improve the indoor air quality of a home, and having a large variety of indoor plants can also help reduce high blood pressure. Healing occurs much faster when you are in the presence of indoor plants. It has been discovered that the time it takes to heal is significantly reduced when you are in the presence of plants or taking care of plants while sick.

Plants also help with your memory, making your short term and long term memory better. Being in the presence of plants while working or just relaxing in your home improves not only your memory but your concentration and productivity!

After creating a working environment that has indoor plants it was discovered that employee satisfaction increased and that the productivity of the workplace increased as well, making the team happier and more productive. Overall, when in the presence of plants, people’s happiness seems to increase. When working in the presence of plants, you feel a lot more happier, which is a plus because your body is actually living in a much healthier environment.

All in all, introducing plants to your home or workplace is not only beneficial to your air quality, but also to your happiness and well being.

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