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The Impact Paints Have on Your Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on July 18, 2016

It’s no surprise that your indoor air quality contributes to how healthy you and the environmental you are living in is, but did you know that paints are one of the leading causes of pollution and damage to your air quality? This is due to the toxic emissions that paints release into the air, not only during the time of application but also for years after the paint job has been done. These toxics use to arise from a variety of volatile organic compounds, also known as VOC’s.

However, the use of VOC’s in paint, which use to be an essential element of paint, is slowly dying down due to consumer demand and new environmental regulations that are being put in place. Paints with no VOC’s and low VOC’s are now being produced and have gained a large amount of popularity. These paints are now only more environmentally friendly, they are less harmful to your air quality, and are cost-effective.

These paints, which are low in VOC’s or have zero VOC’s cause huge health benefits, and also help to keep to improve and maintain your air quality. The elimination or reduced amount of toxins will especially help those who have chemicals sensitivities or allergies. The paints not only help with your indoor air quality, but it also helps with the air quality and pollution outside. The paints are environmentally friendly and help to reduce landfill waste, groundwater levels, and help to reduce containments that may enter the ozone.

Not only are the paints cost-effective, they are also very effective in general. When using them they provide great coverage, and are able to easily hide any mistakes from your first coat. Not to mention they help you to effectively maintain a safe and healthy home by not damaging your air quality. They are water based, meaning for a safe clean up if needs be.

The reasoning behind why paint smells and gives off that odour we are all familiar with is because of the VOC’s and fumes they are emitted into the air, which can damage your indoor air quality. The low VOC paints have very little hazardous fumes, and give off only a slight odour during application. There is also no off-gasing from the paints, which is great for your health and to maintain your air quality.

This is also beneficial to painting companies because it keep their employees healthier, helps to maintain good air quality in their workplaces, and it also helps to eliminate any odour complaints they might be receiving. These paints are also not considered to be hazardous, making cleanup and disposal of them simple and better for the environment. T

o conclude, there are many benefits to using paints with little to no VOC’s found in them. It helps to improve your air quality, eliminate the odour, and to keep your home or workplace healthier. It’s clear to see that you should be trying to use these paints when you need to.  

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