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Benefits of Professional Radon Testing

Posted in Radon Testing, on September 26, 2023

Radon what? If you aren’t sure what radon gas is and why you should have radon detection done in your home, this article will help explain the who, what, where, when, why, and how! SafeAir has helped families with indoor air quality testing for common pollutants like radon gas, mold, asbestos, VOCs, and more for over a decade. These particles and contaminants are only four of many that affect indoor living environments and cause short and long-term allergic and health effects. While some may cause flu-like symptoms, others, like radon gas, are carcinogenic and need professional attention. 

Who Does Radon Affect?

indoor air quality radon detectionMany homes throughout Canada and the GTA are affected by radon gas, a naturally occurring substance. Typically, it dissipates into the atmosphere harmlessly, but the negative pressure created by sub-grade basements often attracts and collects it, creating a dangerous concentration. 

What Does Radon Do?

Radon does not affect your home's structure, just your health. Radon has no smell, is invisible, and is invisible to the naked eye. 

Where Do You Find Radon Gas?

Tests have found radon gas in every health unit across the province. There are areas and even neighbourhoods with higher concentrations, but whether or not your home is affected comes down to your home’s unique circumstances. 

Why Get Professional Radon Testing?

At SafeAir, we’ve been studying the benefits and effects of healthy indoor air quality for over a decade, and the results are clear — healthier home air quality directly affects your quality of life, sleep, illness, and health. Radon testing is critical to detecting this hidden gas for several reasons. 

Accurate Results

Radon gas can fluctuate throughout the year, and careful placement of the testing device is essential for accurate readings. When our team arrives to test your home, we’ll carefully assess your lower levels to determine the most accurate place for the 3-6 month testing period. DIY testing is notoriously difficult and often leads to false positives, making our professional experience crucial. 

Safe Approach

Safety is one of our biggest priorities — after all, it’s in our name! Our team is safe and conscientious during every home visit to ensure that we accurately assess and catch any evidence of air quality issues. 

Expert Tips

Looking for radon gas isn’t just about checking ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on a form — SafeAir’s approach is to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to safely remediate and resolve any issues we find during our testing. These expert tips set our team apart from other general contractors, and our specialization is something we take great pride in!

Detect Other Contaminants

Radon gas is often only one of many things that can affect indoor air quality in homes, condominiums, and businesses. While specialized radon detection is available, it can also be bundled into environmental assessments, mold testing, or other air quality inspections. The air we breathe feeds our brains and bodies, so ensuring it’s safe, clean, and free from harmful pollutants is critical to living well.

Contact us today to learn more about radon testing, mold testing, or any of SafeAir’s air quality services! 

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