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How Air Quality Testing Can Save Your Health

Posted in Air Quality, on January 06, 2021

While a good diet and regular exercise are two pillars of good health, air quality testing in Toronto can help identify the invisible pollutants or allergens that may be contributing to chronic health issues. Indoor air quality testing is a simple, non-invasive test that takes air samples from around your home. These samples are tested in a laboratory to determine what sorts of VOCs, allergens, toxins, or pollutants are in your air quality. 

Know What’s In the Air You Breathe

Air quality tests can help you plan ahead and make positive changes to your indoor environment before moving in or welcoming a new baby. For those of us who are working from home, better indoor air quality actually helps us work better and more efficiently, as well as sleep better at night. 

While some indoor air pollutants can cause serious long term health problems, many cause small but irritating problems in your day to day, like headaches or dry eyes. If you have chronic health issues like asthma, the problems may be more serious or life-threatening. 

What Can Air Quality Testing Detect?

A standard air quality test can detect a wide range of pollutants, allergens or other qualities in your indoor air quality. If it’s a specific issue you’re testing for, like radon gas, a specialized test might be called for, but otherwise, indoor air quality testing in Toronto usually detects things such as:

  • mold and bacteria
  • allergens
  • lead
  • asbestos
  • VOCs
  • carbon monoxide
  • pesticide residue

How Does Air Quality Testing Work?

If you have concerns about your indoor air quality, the good news is that testing is discreet and non-invasive. While we do occasionally take physical samples, we mainly use our professional-grade testing equipment to take air samples around your home, usually on a number of different levels. The air test is accompanied by a thorough visual and physical inspection that may reveal areas needing additional attention or sampling. 

Once our test is complete, we send all of our samples to a third-party laboratory where they are thoroughly analyzed. Once we receive the report, we share it with you - and help you understand what it means and what sort of repairs or adjustments may help your home. 

Get Rid of Poor Air Quality 

SafeAir is a specialized air inspection company with over a decade of experience helping families in Toronto and the GTA improve their environments. Like our bodies, our homes can get sick - and the health of your air quality can tell us a lot about what’s going on behind the scenes. Professional air testing gives you professional, scientific results that you can use to make informed decisions and make the sort of small and large changes that will result in a healthier, safer home. For more information on air quality testing in Toronto, contact us now at 416-414-5690. 

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