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Air Quality Testing and Mold Growth

Posted in Air Quality, on November 01, 2016

We receive a lot of calls where potential clients are concerned about mold growth.  Either because they have seen mold growth somewhere in their home, or they believe that they can smell mold.  Many are unsure if they need just a mold inspection or air quality testing as well. A detailed mold inspection is definitely a good first step in determining if you may have hidden mold growth in either your basement, bathrooms or attic. 

However, air quality testing for other potential allergenic issues is also important. A mold inspection involves a detailed visual assessment for water staining or water damage on baseboards and wall surfaces. Use of a thermal imaging camera as well as a moisture meter is also crucial in determining if mold could be developing in a hidden area of your home.  The furnace and duct system should also be assessed.

Finally, the attic could be developing a mold issue though poor attic ventilation. Mold growth can create mold spores that can become part of the breathable air throughout the home.  At first, mold spores can be an issue in the area of concern or area that is wet.  However, time can aggravate this issue and lead to an increase in mold spores in multiple areas. Air quality testing can determine if there are other allergens such as gases, chemicals or dust. 

However, air quality testing for mold spores can also show you what you are breathing in.  Depending on the concentration and type of mold spores that are in the air, allergic reactions to serious health issue can occur. There are mold spores that are considered to cause mild allergies and then there are species of mold spores that can be extremely toxic.  These are referred to as toxigenic molds or ‘black mold’. However, mold is usually black.  Black mold is more a media term designed to scare people because black mold sounds scary.  In many cases mold can look black without having any toxic properties.  So color-coding is not very useful in determining a mold issue. 

The best way to do air quality testing for mold spores. Keep in mind that any test for both air quality or a test for mold spores should only be done by a contractor that does not have a vested interest in the outcome of the results.  In other words, mold air quality testing should never be done by a mold remediation contractor. Air quality testing should only be performed by an independent air quality consultant that does not perform mold clean ups.

At SafeAir we only perform detailed environment assessments, air quality testing and mold testing.  We do not perform any remedial work.  This way you can rest assured that we are not profiting off of how much mold you have or what air quality issues you may have.  Only honest results. Please call or email us today and will be happy to help you.  We service all of the Toronto or GTA area.

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