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Unwanted Water can Lead to Mould Growth and Poor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on November 07, 2016

Floods and unwanted water in your home can not only ruin furniture, valuables, and electronics in your home it can also cause mould, which affects your air quality. Thats right, unwanted water in your home can lead to a lot of damage, not only to your house but to your air quality.

Unwanted water in your house is not an issue you should take lightly, it can have serious implications. The dampness is a perfect place for mould growth to occur. When mould growth happens in your house it can release thousands of mould spores into your air which not only damages your air quality it damages your health. By breathing in those mould spores you and your family can experience severe health issues. If you notice water or dampness in your home take the necessary steps to remove it. And always get your house inspected for mould and your air quality.

Even if you cannot see any mould growth in the area that had water doesn’t mean none has grown. Mould growth can occur behind walls, making it invisible to the eye. Mould not only ruins your walls, furniture, and other valuables, it ruins your air quality and health of you and your home. This is why your first move after calling your insurance company when you are experiencing flooding is to us.

We can come in and inspect your home for mould growth, whether it is visible to the eye or not, and test the air quality of your house. We can determine the total damage that the flooding has caused to your home and the air quality. It is also best to know what you are dealing with, and if it is a serious issue that needs action taken upon it as soon as possible. When dealing with unwanted water in your house always move as fast as possible, it only takes a damp environment for mould to go and for them to release thousands of spores into your air, harming your air quality. We suggest giving us a call if you are experiencing any flooding in your house so we can ensure that your home is still healthy and your air quality will not harm you or your family.

Don’t take any chances, mould can be sneaky, but we can find it and make sure your air quality is up to par and holds to threats to you and your family. Mould does not have to be black mould for it to cause health issues.  Whether the colour of the mould is black, green, white or red, any significant mould growth indoors could potentially affect your air quality and your health.  You don’t have to live with poor air quality and mould growth.  Most indoor mold issues can be easily solved with a comprehensive air quality assessment and a mould inspection.  This is the only way to determine if you have a hidden mould issue or an air quality issue that needs to be dealt with. Give us a call today and let us help you!

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