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Why Spring is a Good Time for Mold Testing in Toronto

Posted in Mold, on March 23, 2023

The relief many of us feel when spring arrives is tempered only by the discomfort caused by seasonal allergies. While many of us think it’s pollen causing itching eyes, running noses, and congestion, there may be more than one answer — which is where home air quality testing can help. The team at SafeAir has been helping families breathe easier through in-depth air quality testing and mold testing in Toronto. Spring rains may cause more than flowers, and be the catalyst for allergy-inducing mold infestations indoors. Read on to learn why spring might be the best time to test for mold. 

Why Does Mold Grow in the Spring?

air quality testingThere are many reasons why mold growth is common during the spring months. At SafeAir, we recognize that your indoor environment is a complex ecosystem and that each home may have different risk factors or elements that can cause mold growth. Here are a few common causes of spring mold growth:

Increased Moisture

As the earth begins to thaw and the season shifts, we can see a significant amount of outdoor moisture during the spring. Basements and ground floors may be at risk of flooding, and thawing earth can result in basement moisture. Damage sustained to your roof, windows, or exterior during the winter can suddenly become a problem when leaks become apparent during or after spring showers. 

Temperature and Humidity Changes

As the temperature increases, so does the air’s ability to retain moisture — this is why we have such dry skin during the winter, because cold air cannot absorb water. But in the spring, these rising temperatures can increase your risk of indoor mold growth by helping water move around your home in the form of humidity or condensation. 

Attic Ventilation

While spring may be associated with wide-open windows and a fresh breeze, ventilation issues that lay dormant all winter can become problematic in the spring as moisture settles and collects. Increasing airflow to all areas of your home during the spring can help prevent mold infestations from sparking. 

Why You Should be Concerned About Mold Growth

There are two fundamental reasons to get rid of mold growth. The first is that it can cause physical damage to your home that may result in costly repairs and maintenance. The second is that mold causes various adverse health effects that can seriously affect your daily life. 

The common symptoms of mold exposure mimic those of a cold, flu, or seasonal allergies, making it easy to brush off, ignore, or mistreat. These symptoms are caused by microscopic mold spores that are detected during home air quality testing. Mold remediation eliminates the colony producing these spores, which will alleviate the irritation and disruption from allergies and help you feel healthier. 

Mold testing in Toronto with SafeAir will help you identify any environmental causes of spring mold growth in your home, and offer suggestions or changes to eliminate mold and improve indoor air quality.

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