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Why Does Mold Keep Infesting Your Home?

Posted in Mold, on May 25, 2023

Mold may not have legs like mice, but it can move through your home just as quickly, affecting your home air quality and causing damage to your structure and health. SafeAir offers air quality testing in Toronto to help homeowners concerned about mold infestations discover emergent or established colonies — and help prevent them too. Mold testing in Toronto is a science-based method for locating this invisible and harmful invader and is especially helpful when you suffer from recurring infestations. 

Why You May Have Recurring Mold Infestations

mold testing TorontoAt SafeAir, we’ve helped hundreds of families test for mold in Toronto, and occasionally we have to visit the same home twice or even three times! Recurring mold infestations happen where you remove mold but ignore or miss the conditions that cause it. One of the great side effects of mold testing in Toronto is that it often identifies the causes behind the infestation, such as:

  • High indoor humidity: Homes with high humidity are often more likely to suffer from mold growth because water is the key ingredient for mold growth. Your home’s humidity should be balanced around 50% — any higher, and you may have condensation problems and moisture where you don’t expect it. 
  • Leaks and drips: A single persistent drip is all it takes to sustain a mold colony — so homes with unaddressed leaks or condensation will continue to suffer from mold growth even after remediation.
  • DIY mold removal: Plenty of homeowners can do DIY work around their homes, but mold is one instance where it pays to have a professional. Mold is easy to disturb and can spread on the bottom of shoes, cleaning tools, and clothing. In addition, over-the-counter mold removal solutions are generally ineffective over the long term, and the mold usually comes back. 

Where Mold Likes to Grow

Mold can grow in any room of the home where ideal conditions are present. Beyond water, mold needs organic materials to reproduce, such as wood, textiles, and paper — take a look around and you’ll quickly realize these materials are everywhere. In SafeAir’s experience with air quality testing in Toronto, mold is most prevalent in:

  • The attic
  • The bathroom
  • The basement
  • The laundry room

Why Should I Worry About Recurring Mold Infestations?

SafeAir’s primary concern is safe and healthy home air quality. The safety of the air we breathe is often ignored or forgotten unless there’s something obviously wrong with it, like a bad smell or visible pollution. But poor indoor air quality affects our whole bodies, brain, and lifestyle and can lead to serious short and long-term effects. 

One of the reasons mold’s effects are experienced so acutely by the body is that it produces airborne spores. These spores settle on the skin, eyes and travel through the respiratory system, much like pollen does during the spring months. Mold spores may be allergenic, but they can also be toxigenic, producing dangerous health effects as well as physical damage to your home. 

Air quality testing in Toronto is a straightforward service that identifies mold spores and their origin point and highlights the cause behind recurring infestations. To book your free visual inspection with SafeAir, contact our team today!

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