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What to Expect During a Mold Inspection in Toronto

Posted in Mold, on November 18, 2022

Is your home guilty of harbouring a secret mold infestation? The only way to get proof is to know for sure if there is mold hiding around your property is with professional mold testing in Toronto! SafeAir’s science-based mold testing services can help root out hidden mold colonies or alert you to at-risk areas of your home. Identifying outbreaks with air quality testing and a mold inspection in Toronto is the best way to avoid the expensive repairs caused by mold growth and the dangerous health effects that exposure to spores causes. Mold testing is an easy, pain-free process — here’s some of the things the SafeAir team may do for effective mold detection.

Measure Humidity Levels

mold testing TorontoOne of the most common indicators of indoor mold growth is high humidity. At SafeAir, we recommend keeping your home’s indoor humidity at around 50%, give or take a few points in either direction. This ensures that you’re still comfortable (humidity helps keep your skin, hair, and eyes soft and lubricated) but that you don’t have pockets of increased indoor moisture that can spark a mold infestation.

SafeAir can conduct a few different humidity tests, but the best way to tell what your home is like is to do long-term humidity monitoring — and you don’t need us for that! Inexpensive battery-powered humidity monitors are available at any hardware store.

Inspect for Visible Signs of Mold Growth

Your eyes are sometimes the best tools for uncovering indoor mold growth! While a lot of mold grows out of sight behind walls or under flooring, there may be other side effects or clues to mold growth than can be seen with the naked eye. This is why a complete visual inspection is one of the first things SafeAir’s team does. If you see visible mold growth in your home, it’s time for a mold inspection in Toronto to get a comprehensive idea of the size and scale of the infestation.

Ask Questions

Nobody knows your house like you: where it tends to be hot or cold, what it’s like during different seasons, and where there are funny smells, creaks, or sounds. This is why a mold inspection may sometimes feel like an interview! We like to know how you use your home and what may have recently changed — these small but essential facts can indicate areas we might need to take a more in-depth look.

Testing of Samples

If we find anything we’re unsure of, we’ll take air or physical samples to confirm the presence of mold growth. SafeAir sends all of our samples to a third-party lab for independent testing. Once we get back the results, we’ll help you understand what they mean and what next steps are needed. 

When was the last time you inspected your home for mold growth? Book mold testing in Toronto and gain peace of mind, and the opportunity to make health-forward changes and adjustments to your indoor living environment. Eliminating mold growth indoors can help improve your skin, sleep, and even your concentration and focus — to learn more, contact the SafeAir team.

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