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The Cities With The Best And Worst Air Quality In The World

Posted in Air Quality, on May 14, 2015

Are you curious about the cities with the best and worst air quality worldwide? There's a pressing need to decrease air pollution levels globally and while measures relating to air quality have had some positive outcomes at some locations worldwide, millions in both developed and developing nations die prematurely annually following long-term exposure to air pollutants. If you're concerned about the pollution effects on your health or simply wish to identify the cities that contribute minimally to global warming, you might find this list interesting.

Best Air Quality Cities

  1. Whitehorse, Canada

Located in northern Canada, Whitehorse's air is one of the cleanest worldwide according to World Health Organization. The city's clean air is the result of strict regulations, lower population density, and a favorable climate.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii-USA

The city is approximately 2,000 miles from the U.S. mainland, past where burning coal particles can travel. Furthermore, the city promotes bus travel thereby reducing exhaust fumes and traffic.

  1. Helsinki, Finland

Although this city is somewhat large, with over 500,000 inhabitants, it feels much smaller because the people use the light commuter system well. Helsinki residents are proud of their city and adopt measures to maintain a clean city. Additionally, the streets are wide, making them less prone to congestion and fume reduction from cars. Situated in a region with forest acres, this city has stern regulations to restrict the burning of wood in open air.

  1. Great Falls-Montana

Located in a region of great natural beauty with hiking trails, Great Falls is in the north-central location. The city's residents continue to work towards maintaining its cleanliness.

  1. Calgary, Canada

Located in southern Alberta province, Calgary has a high ranking in terms of air quality despite having a huge oil and gas industry. Thoughtful public transportation and urban planning help manage traffic congestion. Furthermore, it has three landfill sites for garbage screening and removing recyclable and biodegradable materials.  

  1. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm's public transport system is extensive. The Swedish capital further has the largest proportion of clean cars in Europe; approximately 5% of all its cars are hybrids. The city imposes a congestion cost in its central area and encourages cycling.

  1. Oslo, Norway

One of the reasons this city's air is among the cleanest is the initiatives that have found ways to be green

Worst Air Quality Cities

  • Linfen, China

Today, the city is one of the most polluted worldwide. It also comprises numerous coalmines, which do considerable damage.

  • Bakersfield, California

Residents from Bakersfield breathe some of the most polluted air in the country. The region ranks highest in 24-hour peak averages and annual fine particulates. The area further features the second-highest ozone pollution level in the country.

  • New Delhi, India

According to findings by World Health Organization, New Delhi ranks second in particulate concentrations. The report further reveals that the major source of the city's air pollution is dust from overcrowded roads and car exhaust. Consequently, taxi drivers and construction workers face the most risk for debilitating condition or even premature death.

  • Mexico City

According to research, Mexico city has elevated concentrations of almost every major damaging airborne pollutant, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide. The city also grapples with the huge smog that hangs over it virtually every day.

  • Chongqing, China

In addition to being one of the fastest-growing Chinese cities, Chongqing has very high air pollution levels due to coal burning from industry and power plants. The resulting poor air quality is affecting the residents' health. For instance, studies reveal that 4.63% of children below 14 years have asthma though the incidence in girls may be inaccurate because of cultural bias. Nitrogen oxide levels are also increasing due to vehicle emissions.

We can't take clean air for granted. So, if you are hoping to breathe easier, you might want to visit some of these cities during your vacation. If you're experiencing issues related to air quality, please contact us for assistance: (416) 414-5690

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