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Had Some Office Water Damage? Don’t Forget To Check The Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on January 11, 2017

Whether water damage is a result of a serious flood or a slow leaking plumbing pipe, the outcome can be catastrophic in any office space. In fact, the after-effects of water damage are quite often underestimated. Both homeowners and office managers don’t really understand the wide extent of damage that water can do. And while structural damage is obvious, air quality can also suffer.

The truth is, indoor air quality should be a priority for occupants and residents alike. Good indoor air quality simply makes for a healthier indoor environment. On the other hand, poor air quality can be detrimental to health and comfort, whether it’s in a commercial office or residential home. In an office, for example, workers and staff are spending practically half their waking hours. With a professional water damage assessment, one of the first areas of concern is mold growth. Mold can develop in a very short period of time when water damage is not immediately attended to, and properly remediated.

Unfortunately, when water saturates walls and floors, the potential for mold is almost inevitable. And once mold spreads air quality is quickly compromised. Beyond mold, there are also other ways in which water damage can affect indoor air quality. The after-effects of water damage can allow bacteria and other pollutants to flourish in the air, and to be dispersed throughout the ductwork. In other words, polluted indoor air is being circulated in and around the office, directly affecting everyone who is putting in a regular day of work.

When it comes time to check the air quality in an office, inspection has to be comprehensive – a cursory assessment will not yield the best results. The better inspection companies use high-tech instrumentation, and provide very detailed reports. It’s critical to provide top quality assessment, so that problem areas are clearly identified, and appropriate resolutions are undertaken. Professional air quality testing, particularly after extensive water damage, pinpoints air quality issues with accuracy. Precision testing will source a host of issues:  everything from mold, to high air moisture, to various air pollutants.

Most important, however, is early assessment – it serves to prevent long-term exposure to poor quality indoor air. And in an office space, this is vital. Office or home, the very best approach to air quality assessment is a professional approach. For some, a do-it-yourself kit might be less costly, but nothing can compare with a highly trained and certified air quality technician.

Air quality experts provide comprehensive evaluations - they will inspect the entire office space; they will provide an in-depth assessment and report; and they will recommend viable options for resolving the issues. Air quality assessment is worth doing right. With water damage, the potential health risks for workers and staff shouldn’t be underestimated. After all, personal health and well being are at stake, and long term exposure to poor quality air can result in much bigger problems that could have easily been prevented.

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