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Moving to a New Place? An Air Quality Test is a Great First Step!

Posted in Air Quality, on December 29, 2016

Whether a home, condo, or cottage, the “to-do” list after moving seems to get longer and longer. And while not many people think about air quality when moving into a new place, testing indoor air should definitely be part of the “to do” list. As it is, many of us focus on cosmetics like granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and hardwood floors. Remarkably, something important like indoor air quality gets sidelined – and it’s so relevant when it comes to health and wellbeing.   

Why it’s necessary to test indoor air quality

New home or old, air quality could be an issue. There may be poor air circulation preventing any fresh air from circulating. There may be harmful levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). For that matter, there may be higher-than-usual carbon dioxide in the air, or even carbon monoxide. In fact, industry studies show that many homes have higher levels of indoor pollutants than there are outdoors.  Clearly, its better to be safe than sorry, and an indoor air test would be advisable.

Most everything contributes to indoor pollution

We may not readily notice, but new furniture and new home fixtures often emit harmful vapours. Even paint and carpeting have a tendency to “off-gas”. The problem is that prolonged exposure can result in physical irritation (throat/nose/eyes/skin). Serious indoor pollution like mould or formaldehyde can actually cause respiratory problems and sinus conditions to flair up. A reliable air test will quickly determine if pollutants are present and to what degree they may be present.

Air testing the home will help to isolate problems

An air quality inspection should be comprehensive and not cursory. A good inspection company uses high-tech inspection equipment, and provides reports that are specific and detailed. The aim is to provide customers with the highest quality assessment and testing. Better companies offer an objective approach to inspection, so that the customer can make astute decisions about their specific problem areas. Here, it’s important to identify problems before there are any health risks.

After air sampling - testing pinpoints pollutants

Air sampling and testing will serve to pinpoint the cause and extent of an air quality issue. And since every building is different, accurate assessment and testing is key. Precision testing sources such issues as mould, carbon dioxide, and organic volatile compounds. Once assessed, options can be considered for resolving the issues at hand. Needless to say, avoiding long-term exposure to various indoor pollutants is the best course of preventive action for a homeowner to take.

The best approach is the professional approach

The best approach to air quality testing is the professional approach. And although DIY kits might be a good start, nothing compares with highly trained and experienced inspectors. Air quality professionals do it all from end to end:  they inspect the entire building; they provide a thorough assessment; and they provide viable options for resolution. Most importantly, potential risks are identified so that occupants can rest assured of their health and well being.

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