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Is Your Body Telling You There’s Mold in Your Home?

Posted in Mold, on April 12, 2023

The body has a great warning system to tell you when things in your environment aren’t quite right. If unexplained coughing, sneezing, or headaches sound familiar, you could need a mold inspection in Toronto. Mold is a common household problem, and the SafeAir team helps scores of families with mold testing in Toronto every year to help clean up their indoor air quality and recognize the signs of mold exposure. Curious about schedule an environmental assessment in Toronto?

Read on to learn more from our team. 

Physical Signs of Mold Growth

mold testing and inspection TorontoMold allergies are common and affect even the healthiest of people. Many of our clients come to us when they think they may have seasonal allergies or often feel sick with the cold and flu. There's one crucial question the SafeAir team always asks: do your symptoms disappear when you leave home or a particular room? When people answer YES, we recommend booking mold testing in Toronto to rule out environmental causes. 

 Some of the physical symptoms of mold include:

  • Sneezing
  • Running nose or congestion
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Coughing
  • Headache
  • Skin dryness or itchiness
  • Trouble sleeping

Dangers of Indoor Mold

The symptoms and effects of indoor mold growth cause more than just short-term physical discomfort and irritation. Mold in your home can increase the symptoms and effects of chronic conditions like asthma or COPD, resulting in a greater frequency of attacks or increased hospital visits. The very young and very old are also at a higher risk of health risks from mold growth. 

The symptoms of mold growth that your body experiences are only one-half of the effects of an infestation — your home experiences the effects too! Across the GTA every year, mold leads to thousands of dollars of damage to homes, destroying walls, floors and even weakening structures. It also affects objects, appliances, and finishes too, but the worst is when mold affects family heirlooms like photographs — there is little we can do to save them once they’ve been impacted, making early prevention key. 

Other Signs of Mold Growth

Look out for these signs of mold growth around your home:

  • Water issues like leaks or drips
  • Soft flooring, walls, or ceilings
  • Discolouration or staining
  • A musty odour
  • Visible mold growth

How to Identify Mold Infestations

If you suspect mold growth could be causing your symptoms, the best thing to do is book an environmental assessment in Toronto. SafeAir does hundreds of these non-invasive and wide-ranging tests every year. These tests can identify if your concerns are related to mold, poor indoor air quality, asbestos, lead paint, radon gas, and more. 

Take the First Step with SafeAir

Professional mold inspection in Toronto can help you breathe easier and live happier and safer in your home. SafeAir has specialized in indoor air quality for over a decade, and we’ve found that mold affects almost every house in some way. To learn more about how mold affects the body and book your mold test in Toronto, contact our team online.

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