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Fall 2014 has arrived - its time for the indoors!

Posted in Weather, on July 20, 2014

It’s fall again, and although the weather has been superb, you can feel in the air that we’ll soon be spending more of our time indoors. The kids are back at school, Halloween is around the corner, and it’s sweater time for those early evening walks. In North America, and especially in Ontario, we will be spending much more time indoors as the weather cools down - in fact, we’ll spend more than 90% of our time inside.

Not many people are aware, but air quality studies consistently show that our indoor air is more polluted than the outdoor air. It might be hard to tell, but a proper indoor air quality test can show you in black and white. So where does the polluted air actually come from? Since every home and lifestyle is different, indoor air may be comprised for a lot of reasons: it may be tobacco smoke; it could be mold; or it could be any of the common household products that we use daily.

A proper indoor air quality test is accurate and detailed - and it can confirm whether you and your family are living in a safe and healthy home environment. With an in-depth air quality test, the indoor atmosphere is examined for a variety of contaminants: harmful chemicals; off-gases from construction materials; even temperature and humidity levels. And with SafeAir, you can feel confident that you’re getting an air quality test that is objective and independent.

At SafeAir, we will test your air professionally - we don’t sell any “fix-it” products, and we don’t do any of the remediation work ourselves. We can even determine if you have proper airflow in the home, and if your air exchange is performing properly. When we have completed the air quality test, we will provide a full and detailed report that also outlines any recommendations we might have, and a scope of work that may be required to rectify problem areas.

If you find that your family suffers from coughs or cold-like symptoms more than usual, there may be some indoor air quality issues. And while it’s true that symptoms like these are more common during the winter months, indoor air sometimes the culprit. You could even be experiencing a mold issue in your home - something that an air quality test could determine quite readily. The truth is, even a little mold can cause potential health problems.

The most important thing about indoor air quality assessment is the testing. And at SafeAir, we use the very best detection tools: air sampling equipment for airborne material; thermal imaging cameras for precision; and our specially trained mold-detection dog to find hidden mold. As for mold and mold spores, it’s the comprehensive testing and lab analysis that is critical, and should be performed by qualified professionals.

With SafeAir, you can be sure - owner and Senior Environmental Investigator, Frank Haverkate, has been conducting indoor air quality tests for over fifteen years and is the leader in the industry.

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