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Health Risks of Mold in the Workplace

Posted in Mold, on August 10, 2020

As companies are slowly returning back to work post-COVID 19, good air quality is extremely important. Because office spaces have been vacant in recent months, it could be beneficial to hire a professional to perform a mold inspection in Toronto to ensure high air quality. Creating a positive workplace isn’t just about good colleagues or workplace perks, it’s also about having a comfortable and safe space to work in. A mold infestation in your office space can result in negative side effects that could lead to poor concentration and affect the energy levels of your staff. If you’re looking to ensure your workplace is in tip-top shape contact the professionals at Safe Air for mold testing in Toronto

What Happens When Mold Grows at Work

Mold growth in the workplace can happen for any number of reasons, but they’re almost always related to problems that affect the building as a whole. Mold grows where there is an excess of moisture and organic matter like paper, textiles, and wood, materials that are abundant in the average office. Leaks, floods, poor ventilation can all lead to indoor mold growth, which may grow undetected behind false ceilings or in HVAC systems. 

The Symptoms of Office Mold Growth

The symptoms of mold growth in the office are similar to those at home. One of the most common warning signs that something’s wrong at work is when your symptoms lessen or fade when you leave the office and return again the next day. People frequently complain that mold exposure causes:

  • headaches
  • Nausea
  • Itchy eyes and nose
  • Dry skin
  • Congestion

Why Should I Worry About Mold at Work?

The symptoms of mold growth are shared with many other common ailments, but it’s the secondary effects of exposure that are most worrying. People exposed to mold have a greater incidence of absenteeism and have been shown to work less efficiently and effectively due to cognitive effects such as brain fog, drowsiness, and confusion.

Preventing and Removing Mold at Work

Preventing mold from growing at work is the first step in keeping you and your colleagues safe. A mold test in Toronto can help you determine whether or not your office has a mold growth problem and how you can improve your indoor air quality. Forming or joining your workplace’s health and safety committee is a great way to get indoor air quality on the radar!

Your Rights When it Comes to Mold at Work

In Toronto, a healthy and safe work environment isn’t just a perk - it’s the law. Once you report concerns or mold sightings to your supervisor, it’s their responsibility under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to protect you from any hazards - if they don’t, you can (and should) report them to the ministry for followup. 

Mold Testing in Toronto With SafeAir

At SafeAir, we have over a decade of experience working with business owners, managers, and committees to improve workplace indoor air quality. Mold testing in Toronto is easy, non-invasive, and can offer valuable insights into your working environment. For more information on mold testing at your office, call us at 416-414-5690 or visit our page on air quality in the office for more information. 

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