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Essential Oils and Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on October 07, 2016

More and more people are beginning to add a scent to their home as a way to personalize their home. This can be anywhere from a sweet scent to a savory scent but in most cases it can also provide a warming and calming scent or feel to the home.

Although, having a pleasant scent can be a comforting thing, one must also be careful to not cause an indoor air quality issue where harmful chemicals begin to cause poor air quality. There are numerous product on the market to add a scent to the indoor air. Some of them are natural and some are pure chemical in nature. You should be careful that you do not cause an indoor air quality problem by adding chemicals to the breathable air. This can lead to serious allergic reactions and poor indoor air quality.

One should avoid the chemical plug in devices that add a scent to the air by plugging into an electrical outlet. These are pure chemicals and add VOC’ to the air. There are also potpourri products on the market that are chemically laden to provide certain scents.

The best way to add a scent to the air is through essential oils. Pure essential oils do not negatively impact the indoor air quality. Even there, one must be careful that they are pure essential oils and a synthetic version. This would also add unwanted chemicals to the air in your home. Essential oils can also be used to impact your mood, energy level, depth of sleep and general health and well being. It is an ideal product for good indoor air quality and good health.

You can use a citrus blend in the morning like lemon or grapefruit. This adds a pleasant scent to the air and also has a benefit of waking you up. This blend of essential oils can also provide energy and has been studied in working environments to reduce cognitive errors and improve work performance.

Another pleasant scent is Ylang Ylang. This has more of a sedative or calming effect while improving the indoor air quality at the same time. It is great for the afternoon, evening or even for a romantic dinner.

Do you or your family have trouble sleeping? The best solution to scent your night time air is lavender essential oil. This is the ultimate sleeping indoor air quality tool. Lavender has a deep calming effect and makes the air in your bedroom smell like a high end spa. Try using cold diffusion or an ultrasonic air diffuser and add 4-5 drop of pure Ameflore brand lavender. You or your kids will not be able to count past 7 sheeps before you fall into a deep sleep.

Other essential oils have also been proven to clean or disinfect surfaces while also killing bacteria, viruses and mold spores in the indoor air. There are cedar oil, tea tree and thyme oil. Nature really has the best indoor air quality solutions through pure essential oils.

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