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Commercial Building Indoor Air Quality Testing In Toronto

Posted in Air Quality, on August 13, 2021

commercial air quality testing torontoAs we head back to the office and congregate work settings, the indoor air quality in our offices, shopping malls, and other public spaces will be at the top of our minds. Suppose you’re a manager, building supervisor, or just a curious employee. In that case, commercial air quality testing can help you tweak your working environment to prevent common workplace complaints and improve safety and efficiency. Mold testing in Toronto is SafeAir’s most commonly requested service for commercial and residential clients. 

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important

Most of the time, we talk about how important indoor air quality is at home, but the truth is that it’s just as important in a commercial or work environment — we think about it less when we work in a ‘clean’ environment like an office. 

As anyone who has sat in an uncomfortable chair knows, feeling comfortable and safe at work has trickle-down effects for everything you do. Poor indoor air quality is like a stiff chair — you don’t notice it’s uncomfortable until you’ve been sitting on it for hours.  Improving your indoor air quality is like switching out that chair for an ergonomic padded one — it affects everything from your day-to-day comfort to how well you perform your job. Poor indoor air quality also increases your risk of illnesses like the flu and absenteeism, making it an important - and under-discussed - part of office life. 

Good Air Quality Management

How do you make improvements to your workplace’s indoor air quality? The first step SafeAir recommends is commercial air quality testing in Toronto. Professional testing will give you a science-based snapshot of what’s happening inside — no guesswork involved. Our tools can sense a wide range of common indoor air pollutants, measure humidity and ventilation, and assess your risk for mold, radon, asbestos, or lead. 

Four things we commonly discuss with clients are: 

Ventilation system design

A crucial part of good air quality is the introduction of fresh air. Many of Toronto’s buildings were constructed without windows that open or during less knowledgable eras. Improving airflow helps whisk away pollutants and gives your brain the oxygen it needs to function well.

Outdoor air quality

While outdoor air quality is often out of your hands, you can affect change in this area. Installing filtration systems or adjusting activities to take place well away from buildings will directly affect indoor air quality.

Outdoor air supply

Good ventilation comes from clean sources — one issue we find in commercial buildings is that the fresh air return is too close to the loading bay or parking lot. Yuck! Adjusting the fresh air intake (or your activities around it) can make a big difference indoors.

Equipment maintenance

Keeping your boiler, furnace, and ductwork healthy is another aspect of indoor air quality that’s often overlooked. Annual or bi-annual maintenance is best for identifying emergent issues and keeping a watchful eye over old ones. 

Benefits of Commercial Building Air Quality Tests

In Toronto, a commercial building can be anywhere from brand new to over a hundred years old, and each of those years can bring different challenges and indoor air quality issues — yes, even in a brand new building! 

One of the most straightforward ways you can measure the effect of better indoor air quality is in productivity. While a stiff chair made for an easy metaphor earlier, it’s not just a sore bottom that affects occupant comfort and efficiency. Some of the indoor air quality issues that commercial air quality testing in Toronto can address include:

  • odours
  • temperature fluctuations
  • air movement (too fast/slow)
  • noise
  • furniture and appliance placement
  • pollutant pathways

Beyond the obvious ways our workplaces are affected by indoor air quality, there are also hidden issues that can come to the fore. Many buildings constructed before the 1990s can be affected by asbestos, and lead paint is prevalent. And finally, mold testing in Toronto is a growing issue in many workplaces because of leaks, floods, or humidity. 

To learn more about the indoor air quality at your office, get in touch with us at SafeAir! We’re happy to consult with owners, managers, insurance companies, and health and safety committees to help you make positive changes in your commercial buildings. 


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