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Buying a House? Don’t Forget To Check Air Quality!

Posted in Air Quality, on February 08, 2017

In most parts of the country, the housing market continues to be heated. Needless to say, buying a house is a big deal. A huge amount of money is involved and there are many things to consider. Something that often gets sidelined is the quality of air throughout the home.

While air quality might be a lower priority compared to mortgage financing, it should still be seriously considered. Interestingly, there are studies that show indoor air is sometimes more polluted than outdoor air. And it’s no wonder - pets, off gassing, and cleaning aerosols can all affect the indoor living space. In a worst-case situation, mold (and mold spores) can be a serious indoor air issue. In fact, with a mold infiltration, it’s not uncommon for spores to be dispersed when indoor air is circulating.

The HVAC system in a home (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) could also be the cause of poor indoor air quality. Here, an air quality test can determine the extent of a problem, and even isolate causes that should be addressed. Air testing can also be helpful in identifying issues with a home’s ventilation performance, and may be critical in deciding whether to purchase or not.

A comprehensive air quality test will certainly include testing for carbon monoxide, this being a common cause of poor indoor air. Again, ventilation may be playing a part in this, but testing will accurately source the problem and determine the scope. With carbon monoxide, it’s vital to deal with the problem promptly and professionally – the health risks for occupants are far too high.

Air quality testing also addresses humidity levels inside a home. When it’s too high, humidity can promote bacteria and mold. When humidity is too low, dry air can cause various health issues, particularly in the winter season. Having humidity levels checked is just another qualifier when buying a home – it can indicate HVAC issues, or it could be something simple like maintenance.

Clean indoor air should be an important criterion when purchasing a home. It’s vital for personal health, and indicative of the home’s overall performance. What’s most important is to have the property tested by professionals – with air quality analysis that is thorough and in-depth, while offering more specialized testing for such things as mold, asbestos, and product off gassing.

A professional company will prioritize the health and well being of the residents. Here, it’s crucial to have trained, qualified personnel who can identify the nature and cause of a specific air quality issue. This is not a time for cursory assessment - it’s necessary to have sophisticated testing gear that will accurately detect indoor pollutants and assess the magnitude of potential issues.

When choosing a qualified air testing company, professional accreditation is of definite benefit, mainly because industry associations support high performance standards and ethical behavior. As well, professionals provide detailed reports, along with remedy options where required. With air quality testing, it’s not the right time for short cuts, it’s imply better to do it professionally.

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