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How Air Purifiers That Emit Ozone Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted in Air Quality, on August 17, 2016

Did you know that any air purifiers that are available for consumers to buy produce large amounts of ozone, which can cause a lot of harm to your indoor air quality. Not only does a large amount of emitted ozone harm your air quality, but it can be very dangerous to your health as well. You don’t want to bring such a dangerous product into your house especially if you have young children living there.

Ozone can cause damage to your lungs, can worsen asthma symptoms, and cause other related lung issues. Not only is your indoor air quality being damaged by ozone emitting air purifiers, so is the health of the residents of your home. It doesn’t even need to be in large amounts, smaller amounts of ozone can be harmful to a humans health over a long period of time. The ozone levels that fall within the safety standards of most countries are not even effective in removing anything it states, such as removing oder-causing chemicals, viruses, mould, bacterias, and other biological pollutants. This means that owning an air purifier that emits ozone holds no value, because it doesn’t do anything to your indoor air quality except harm it, and damage your health in the process.

Having constant exposure to ozone increases the risk of death due to respiratory causes, as it creates an unhealthy home and harmful air quality. There are many air purifiers that do not produce any ozone, and therefore are safer for your home and your air quality, as they will actually clean your air without emitting something harmful into it, which is beneficial to your indoor air quality and your health. It is also a cleaner, safer option to have, and you don’t need to worry that it is harming the health of your loved ones. It is our recommendation to remove any air purifiers that emit ozone from your house and get us to come in and test your indoor air quality to make sure that the constant emits of ozone have not created an unsafe and unhealthy environment to be living in. We want to make sure that you are living in a safe and healthy environment, and we do so by testing your air quality. It is especially important to have us come in if you have had an air purifier that emits ozone in your house, because you never know what your air quality could be like now.

Ozone is something you don’t want lingering around in your home, or in your air. Your air quality is an essential part of a healthy home, and it’s something you could get professionally tested. So call us today and let us make sure your previous air purifier isn’t affecting the health of your loved ones, or your indoor air quality. We want to make sure you are living in a safe, healthy home, so give us a call today!

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